South Koreas 5g network still leads the world, and Switzerland ranks first in Europe

 South Koreas 5g network still leads the world, and Switzerland ranks first in Europe

According to omdias report, five key factors were taken into account in compiling the data for the first quarter of this year. Switzerland has surpassed Kuwait, with 426 cities and towns with 5g coverage of at least 80%. By may, the number will be further expanded to 535.

In addition, omdia points out that the supply of equipment has been limited, which is a major obstacle to peoples access to 5g networks. At present, smart phones are a good example. Despite the huge growth in shipments in recent months, mobile phones supporting 5g only account for a small part of the overall market. According to the report, South Korea currently ranks first with 5.88 million 5g supporting devices, accounting for about 10% of all equipment used in the country.

The UK ranks second in Europe, with the UK government committed to invest 1.1 billion pounds in 5g, including 400 million pounds for new supporting infrastructure for fixed and mobile networks.

According to Stephen Myers, chief analyst of omdia, despite the global epidemic, regulators are still pushing ahead with 5g spectrum allocation, while operators are also preparing to launch 5g and expand network coverage.

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