Two US doomsday planes take off at the Pentagon: nothing to do with Trumps diagnosis

 Two US doomsday planes take off at the Pentagon: nothing to do with Trumps diagnosis

E-6b mercury

A spokesman for the U.S. Strategic Command said that the two e-6b Mercury planes would take off at about the time when trump announced the test results, but it was a planned flight and the time was very coincident.

It is reported that the reason why these aircraft are called doomsday aircraft is that they are actually the mobile command post of US nuclear submarines.

Other commentators also believe that the take-off of the doomsday plane is a warning that any enemy country that dares to take advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack on the United States will suffer a nuclear attack.

However, not only does the U.S. Department of defense deny it, but recent statistics also show that e-6b mercury aircraft often fly in the air and take off almost every day in the past month.

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[CNN: the situation is serious, and trump has a little difficulty breathing] on the 2nd, CNN reporter Jim Acosta disclosed that Trumps campaign advisers told him that the president had some difficulty breathing and was very tired, and the situation was... (source: ~)

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Trumps diagnosis of new crown infection is bad news for Biden?

(photo / Fox News)

In the early morning of October 2, US President trump confirmed through social media that he and his wife, Melania, were positive for the new coronavirus and would begin self isolation and rehabilitation treatment. Earlier in the day, trump revealed that his senior assistant, hope Hicks, had been diagnosed with new crown symptoms.

High risk patients?

Studies have shown that patients with a larger viral load are more seriously ill and have stronger transmission capacity. According to CNN, many White House staff have been positive in nucleic acid test after Hicks was diagnosed. In addition to trump and Melania, Hicks may be more seriously infected with the new coronavirus. A person close to Hicks also told the U.S. media that Hicks himself feels very bad..

In addition, data from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States show that, as in other countries, the majority of new coronal deaths in the United States are elderly patients. Mortality rates ranged from 10% to 27% in patients over 85 years old and 3% to 11% in patients aged 65 to 84 years.

However, Diao Daming, an associate professor at the school of international relations at Renmin University of China, pointed out to China News Weekly that the 74 year old Trumps current condition is probably not serious. If it is serious, he should declare that he is unable to perform his duties, and the vice president will act in accordance with the relevant order.

It is worth noting that Trumps deputy, burns, is also in frequent contact with Hicks. If burns is unable to perform his duties, according to the order of the United States Constitution, the presidents power will be taken over by Pelosi, the speaker of the house of Representatives and Democrat, who is denounced by trump as a crazy woman. According to his political logic, even if his illness gets worse, he may not be open to the public. Diao Daming said.

Trump controls the campaign agenda

When trump announced the diagnosis, Democratic presidential candidate Bidens social media account still had the message of the day before: an accusation that Trumps epidemic prevention policy was ineffective.

In recent days, the only close contact between Biden and Trumps team was the TV debate on the presidential election on Tuesday. In addition to the host and the two presidential candidates, all participants wore masks and kept a social distance. Only 170 people were seated in the venue, which could accommodate more than 900 people. During the debate, Biden and trump did not have close contact such as shaking hands.

But Biden and Democrats are more worried that the campaign can no longer go as planned. Previously, trumps poor epidemic prevention caused more than 200000 deaths has been the key argument of Bidens campaign. In the first TV debate, he faced the camera and stressed to the American people: think about it. Every morning when you get up and the table is empty, your loved one dies of a new crown.

But now trump is diagnosed. For Bidens team, the future is not only that it is difficult to blame him for his poor epidemic prevention and self inflicted disease, but also that the whole attack on trump will be reduced. Diao Daming told China News Weekly that for Biden, the better strategy in the coming month is to publicize himself more and attack each other less.

However, this is the weakness of Bidens team. Zogby, a senior American pollster, once concluded that Bidens campaign strategy is to wait for trump to make mistakes, but this also makes Biden lack of policy highlights to attract voters. The television debate on Tuesday once again reflected Bidens weakness. When he repeated the economic revitalization plan that was not different from that of the trump administration to stimulate American enterprises, he was choked by Trump: why dont you do it in the Obama era?

Trump, by contrast, has more initiative. Diao Daming pointed out that he could be absent from the two subsequent TV Debates for physical reasons. Of course, if he recovers from illness, he can also choose to return to the campaign stage in the third TV debate, but this will give the opponent an opportunity to blame himself. It is better to announce his recovery after missing both debates. In short, trump actually controls the campaign agenda, which is good for him, Diao said

It is certain that before trump announces his recovery, the election campaign for the 2020 US presidential election will come to a standstill, a new situation that has never happened in the history of the United States.

Some people say that the key word of this election is compassion. . Now, trump has grasped compassion. Diao Daming told China News Weekly.

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