Will the new crown become Trumps auxiliary attack if the US general election raises the suspense?

 Will the new crown become Trumps auxiliary attack if the US general election raises the suspense?

For trump, if he handles his new crown positive well, it may also be a turning point for him. For example, if his condition did not worsen or even recovered until the eve of the election, his basic information would be more likely to believe that trump is very strong, that the new epidemic situation is not a problem, and the description of the new crown epidemic situation in the mainstream media may have been exaggerated.

But does this mean that this diagnosis may be Trumps campaign assist? Not necessarily. Because although under normal circumstances, when the president encounters a crisis, the publics support rate will rise, but the new crown will also have a greater impact on trump.

First of all, as an obese old man over 70 years old, trump is still a high-risk group although he is energetic. The extremely advanced medical means in the United States should try to help him and his family tide over the difficulties, but this also means that in the sprint stage of the election, trump, who is lagging behind in the election, may have to cancel several offline activities in swing states and lose an important window of opportunity to turn the tables.

Secondly, Trumps decision-making method is very different from that of most previous US presidents. He seldom relies on the US bureaucracy, and even has been trying to empty it. All important decisions are often made directly by himself and the small circle around him. But this small circle usually does not wear masks, does not maintain social distance, and does not do much planning. It is estimated that there is no detailed plan for such situations. This makes it possible for the U.S. administrative system to face major challenges.

Third, the Senate was supposed to start hearing the newly nominated conservative candidate for justice Barrett in two weeks, but now it is clear that many senior Republican leaders, including Barrett himself, have been in close contact with trump recently. Is the hearing still on schedule? Will conservative plans to make the U.S. Supreme Court conservative for a long time fail? These were then marked with question marks.

The most important thing is that this directly broke Trumps previous description that the new crown epidemic is not terrible and is a conspiracy deliberately exaggerated by the mainstream media to discredit him. Trump, hours before the diagnosis, was still painting a pie to voters, saying the end of the new crown epidemic is just around the corner.. But in the White House, where everyone is frequently tested and the protection measures are extremely strict, trump, as president, may be infected. Naturally, the American people can not avoid it. The epidemic is obviously quite serious. Trumps confirmed case instantly makes more real the 7 million confirmed cases and more than 200000 deaths that may have made people numb in the United States.

Therefore, this news is a heavy blow to trumps health, election, ruling ability, the nomination of the chief justice and his own public narration. This kind of result is actually made by trump himself, and it is his own cocoon. Trump himself has always wanted to keep a low profile on the new crown epidemic, and argued with Biden on the need to wear masks in the first debate with Biden. He seldom wears a mask himself. Little did not know that wearing masks in addition to the role of protecting themselves, the more important significance is that if you get it, you can protect the people around you. Because of the deep involvement of the trump family in power, the entire trump family is now at risk of a new outbreak.

The trump government has been weak in response to the new outbreak. Photo source: Xinhua

Even Fox News, a conservative position, had to say that the news was beyond their expectation, and began to pay attention to the severity of the new crown epidemic and the need for active response - although their statement is still that a lot of people have been infected with this virus, many people have finally recovered, Trump has the best doctor, its OK, dont jump to conclusions and so on Despite Trumps diagnosis, vice president pences test result today is still negative. It means that voters should trust the government and not mess up. But there is no doubt that trump himself will devote more resources and energy to the control of the epidemic. After all, his life is at stake now.

Next, trump may adjust his strategy and run for office as a victim of the new epidemic. For example, on the day the diagnosis was announced, he was supposed to go to Florida to lead a campaign rally. But after the diagnosis, he temporarily changed his core activities to a group of elderly patients with new crown, after all, he is now one of them. It can be imagined that millions of patients and their families in the United States will be more confident that trump can spare no effort to save the patients and deal with the epidemic situation after learning that trump is also infected with the virus.

Trumps diagnosis leaves a lot of new suspense for the final sprint of 2020 election. For example, the next presidential debate was scheduled to take place in 13 days, during Trumps two-week quarantine period. Whether the debate can still be carried out as scheduled naturally becomes a question. And the vice presidential debate next week, which is not necessarily of particular concern, will suddenly become very remarkable, because the chances of both parties becoming presidents are increased by Trumps diagnosis.

However, in the face of the extremely unfavorable election, trump also has an excuse and a step to withdraw from the election with dignity. This may be a good result for the United States.

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