Guangdong Media: the football association has reached an agreement that there are no more than 4 naturalized players in each term of the National Football Association

 Guangdong Media: the football association has reached an agreement that there are no more than 4 naturalized players in each term of the National Football Association

Jiang Guangtai benefits from the revision of FIFA rules

Since the implementation of the naturalization policy by China Football Association last year, Li Ke and Evergrande forward have become two regular naturalized players of the National Football Association. They have been involved in all previous training and competitions. During the training in Shanghai in May this year, Li Tie recruited Luo Guofu, another forward naturalized player of Evergrande. In October training, although Li Tie gave up Luo Guofu, who was injured in the body, he also recruited Fernando, a forward general from Evergrandes center back Jiang Guangtai, which made the number of naturalized players of the national football team reach four unprecedented.

It can be said that Fernando and Jiang Guangtai were selected. As early as June this year, Fernando has completed all the procedures of naturalization to represent the national football team, but since then has not been able to organize the national team training, so there is no chance to be selected. In addition, considering that fenan was punished for violating the discipline in Evergrande team at the beginning of many years, and he returned to the team late and was injured, so he was not included in the national football teams training plan at the beginning. With the deepening of the league, Fernando played a very important role in Evergrande after his recovery from injury, which directly moved Li Tie and finally Fernando was selected.

Fernando, 27, is in the best age of his career, which has an advantage over over 30-year-old naturalized players such as Exxon, Rocco and Alan. His speed, dribbling and shooting skills are enough to enhance the national football teams firepower in the attacking side and middle. Judging from the actual combat in Evergrande in the first stage of the season, Fernando and akerson have gradually established a tacit understanding. In the future, whether Fernando can have chemical reactions with Exxon, Wu Lei and Wei Shihao in the national football team will directly affect the attack quality of the national football team.

In contrast, Jiang Guangtai has long been a favorite of the national football team. Subject to FIFAs original regulations on the qualification of naturalized players, Jiang Guangtai has always been unable to get the chance to play for the Chinese national team, because he has played for the England youth team before. On September 18 this year, FIFA congress passed the relevant new regulations on the transfer of players membership. According to the new rules, a naturalized player who once represented the original nationality team in an international A-level official competition can represent a new player as long as he is under the age of 21 at the time of his last appearance on behalf of the original nationality team, has played no more than three international A-level games, and has been more than three years since the last appearance, and has not participated in the world cup or the finals of the Continental Cup The national team came into the competition. According to the new rules, Jiang Guangtai is qualified to represent the Chinese mens football team.

It is reported that the Chinese Football Association has officially reported to FIFA in accordance with the latest regulations, applying to help Jiang Guangtai complete the membership conversion qualification. However, FIFA has not given a clear reply, so Jiang Guangtai has not yet obtained the formal qualification to represent the national football team. However, since the national football teams training in Shanghai was not to participate in international competitions, Li Tie asked Jiang Guangtai to take part in it so that he could understand the national football teams technical and tactical playing methods in advance. If there is no accident, Jiang Guangtai can be approved by FIFA to be eligible for the top 40 next year. Jiang Guangtais selection also made the national football team have naturalized players in the front, middle and rear three lines.

The number of naturalized players of the national football team is no more than 4

In addition to the five naturalized international players, including akeson, Li Ke, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai and Luo Guofu, Alan has fully met the requirements for becoming a naturalized international player. Although he was not included in the Shanghai training list this time, he probably has the chance to represent the national football team in the top 40 next year.

According to the new rules of naturalization revised by FIFA, there are a lot of people who can play as naturalized players in the Chinese Super League in the next three or four years. For example, Hou Yongyong from Guoan in Beijing and Xiao Taotao on loan from Evergrande have both acquired Chinese nationality, which is in line with the conditions for becoming naturalized players of the national football team. Of course, the two players have not played many games in China, and Xiao Taotao can only get involved in Chinas top 40, so their chances of catching up with the top 40 are almost zero.

Goulat is undoubtedly the most pitiful. Although he has acquired Chinese nationality, he has been loaned back to Brazil for a period of time in 2019, which leads to the fact that he does not meet the requirements of FIFAs new rules that he needs to live in a new member country for five consecutive years. Therefore, the fastest time to become a naturalized international player is 2023, when hougoulat is 32 years old.

As for the foreign aid currently playing in the Chinese Super League, about 40 of them can meet the qualification of becoming naturalized players according to the new rules of FIFA. However, most of them have to wait for two to four years. It is not meaningful to talk about it now. Before February next year, the only players who can meet the requirements of becoming a naturalized player of the national football team are texeira of Suning, Evra of Wuhan, reinadino of Fuli, and IVA of Jianye of Henan Province. However, all of them have not acquired Chinese nationality at present, so it is just wishful thinking to finish before the top 40. On the one hand, whether these players are willing to naturalize in China, on the other hand, whether there are clubs willing to bear their huge operating costs.

After FIFAs new rules came out, the Chinese Football Association stated that it would properly promote the work of naturalized players in accordance with the new rules. Such a statement determines that the Chinese football association may try to join qualified naturalized players in the future, but it is absolutely impossible to open it up on a large scale. According to the compromise opinion within the current Chinese Football Association: in the future, the number of naturalized players in the list will not exceed 4 in each training match of the National Football Association. This means that the naturalized international players who can participate in next years top 40 matches are basically locked in the six players of akeson, Li Ke, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Luo Guofu and Alan.

While introducing naturalized players, the Chinese football team should pay more attention to how the naturalized players are not assimilated. Restricted by the relatively low level of competition in Chinas Super League, the longer some big foreign players play in China, their competitive level tends to be assimilated by Chinese players. From the above six naturalized players who can represent the national football team to participate in the top 40 matches, Jiang Guangtai is the only one who truly belongs to the mainstay of each team this season!

Japans latest national team training list of 25 people are all from the European League returnees players. In contrast, only Wu Lei, the only Chinese football player abroad, should figure out how the road of domestication should go more steadily and further.

Source of this article: Guangzhou Daily Author: Guangzhou Daily all media reporter Zhang Zhe, editor in charge: Li Siming_ BJS2696