Stubbornness! Butler didnt admit defeat in the end. He still cut 25 + 8 + 13 in lonely battle

 Stubbornness! Butler didnt admit defeat in the end. He still cut 25 + 8 + 13 in lonely battle

At the beginning of todays game, the heat played more actively. In the offensive end, Butler may have tried too hard. He made an early mistake. After that, he devoted himself to making the ball for his teammates, organizing the attack and sending a lot of wonderful assists. He didnt really care about it.

After a few minutes, Butler had a breakthrough shot, but missed the ball, but a minute later, he continued to assist for his teammates, team-mates outside the line bloom, the heat in the score to carry the Lakers.

Butlers score in the first quarter was not impressive, only 5 points, but the assists reached 4 times.

However, it is worth mentioning that Butlers impact or created injury, he put in a lot of free throws in each quarter, and in the first half he mainly relied on free throws to get 11 points.

In the second half, the heat are still working hard, Butler attack is successful, and then continue to do the ball for his teammates, the outside line is still cut. In the offensive and defensive confrontation, Butler and green still have a lot of direct confrontation scenes, Butler played green in the game, at this time he was also cut by green, but later Butler also forced a foul on green and scored a free throw.

There is still a certain gap in the score, about 4.5 minutes, Butler broke through the hit, which is his only sports score so far in this section. After that, he also had a big hot pot under the basket, which was really difficult.

In the end, Butler still forced to complete the dunk under the basket, and the heat also seemed to have some counterattack, but the difference could not be smoothed out. With the passage of time, Butler was just struggling to support. In the last three minutes, he still killed the basket, missed his shot, and then grabbed the rebounds and then attacked again. This may be his stubborn. In the end, the heat lost G2, 0-2 behind.