NVIDIA acquired arm top mobile chip manufacturer defection to ris-v

 NVIDIA acquired arm top mobile chip manufacturer defection to ris-v

SA website disclosed that a large mobile phone chip company is going to move to risc-v camp, which is one of the top 5 mobile chip manufacturers in the world.

As Sas disclosure is charged, Im not sure who the company they are talking about. However, the top 5 mobile chip companies are no more than apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei and MediaTek. Among them, Apple has just built its own arm chip, so we can exclude them first.

Qualcomm will not feel that the acquisition of arm is a threat. After all, it is also an American company, and the second one is excluded.

One of Samsung, Huawei and MediaTek may have defected to risc-v. however, MediaTeks mobile phone chips are more stable. It is not ruled out that other fields will try risc-v. however, on mobile phone chips, they should not rashly give up arm and can also be ruled out.

Samsungs ambition in semiconductor is relatively large, self-developed ARM processor has basically failed, and it may try risc-v processor.

Of course, Huawei is the most likely one, but Huawei itself is also an important member of risc-v, and has always attached great importance to open source processors. From the news, they are not surprised.

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