FCC announced opening more if spectrum for 5g network construction

 FCC announced opening more if spectrum for 5g network construction

In August, the White House and the Department of defense decided that it could share 5g services with commercial suppliers. They also urged the FCC to begin drafting auction rules to be introduced in December 2021.

5g is the next generation wireless technology to be launched around the world, which is expected to provide faster wireless services and faster response network. In addition, it will connect more devices and provide real-time feedback capability, which is expected to bring about great changes in peoples life and work style, and bring new progress to autopilot and advanced augmented reality experience.

The if spectrum in the 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz frequency ranges provides a more balanced coverage and capacity because it can cover 5g in a few miles radius - although more base stations are required for lower level spectrum.

At & T and Verizon did not initially focus on 5g of these spectrum bands, but invested in millimeter wave spectrum. Millimeter wave is an extremely high frequency radio wave, which can basically provide enhanced Wi Fi hotspots. But now, these operators are looking to build 5g networks with medium frequency spectrum.

The FCC has taken another important step today by putting the much-needed intermediate frequency band on the market to promote Chinas 5g future, will Johnson, Verizons senior vice president for regulatory and legal affairs, said in a statement. By voting on the 3.45ghz band, the Commission will provide additional, major bands to expand 5g coverage.

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