IPhone 13 series exposure: four models supplied by Samsung LG BOE

 IPhone 13 series exposure: four models supplied by Samsung LG BOE

With the advent of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 series to be released in 2021 has emerged.

It was reported on October 3 that Ross young, an insider in the industry, tweeted about the lineup of the iPhone 13 series, which, like the iPhone 12, also has four models.

The sizes include 5.42 inch, 6.06 inch (two models) and 6.67 inch, of which the 5.42 inch screen is provided by Samsung and lgdisplay, the 6.06 inch screen is provided by lgdisplay and BOE, and the 6.67 inch screen is provided exclusively by Samsung.

The report also said that the standard version of the iPhone 13 does not support millimeter wave, while the iPhone 13 pro and the iPhone 13 promax support millimeter wave, and the latter two models also include TOF lenses. All four iPhones support faceid, which may continue the Liu Haiping scheme.

It is worth noting that the main camera of the iPhone 13pro series has been upgraded, with a unit pixel area of 1.9 u03bc m and a total of three cameras. The standard version of the main camera has a unit pixel area of 1.7 u03bc m, with a total of two cameras.

As usual, the iPhone 13 will appear around September 2021.

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