Media said Tesla agreed to buy a German power battery supplier

 Media said Tesla agreed to buy a German power battery supplier

Teslas layout in the field of power batteries is still ongoing.

According to multiple media reports, Tesla has agreed to acquire atwautomation, a supplier of battery modules and battery pack assembly services for the automotive industry.

ATW is a subsidiary of ATSA automation tooling systems in Canada. Just last month, local German media reported that ATW had come to the brink of bankruptcy and liquidation due to the sharp decline of orders.

With about 120 employees, the company has built more than 20 battery production lines for auto companies around the world.

On September 25th, ATS said some of its assets and employees in Germany might be resold to third parties. ATS did not disclose who this third party was at that time.

At the end of last month, musk made a promise on the high-profile Tesla battery day that Tesla will cut its battery costs by half through technological and technological innovations in the next few years, and will launch an electric vehicle priced at $25000.

Therefore, it is reasonable for Tesla to continue to make efforts in the field of batteries.

At the Tesla battery day event, musk said Tesla will launch a new generation of batteries that will last longer, more powerful and half cheaper than the companys current battery.

Teslas new cylindrical lithium-ion battery will provide five times the energy, six times the power and more driving distance, and it will take about three years to go into full production, Musk said at the time.

Source: Wall Street news editor: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541