Picasso, a fish eater

 Picasso, a fish eater

The sound of Morgan preparing to take a picture startles Picasso, who is bowing his head and eating fish with relish. Picasso raises his head and looks out of the window. In a flash, Morgan quickly pressed the shutter of the camera. Then, he said to Picasso outside the window: Dear Mr. Picasso, I wanted to interview you. Now I wont disturb you. Please continue to eat. In fact, I have interviewed you just now.

Picasso listened to his words, can not help but slightly stunned.

The next day, Morgans newspaper published the pictures he had taken. There is only one line at the bottom of the photo: Picasso eating fish. After the photo was published, it immediately aroused strong repercussions among readers. Picassos artistic charm, like a mystery, has been lingering in the hearts of readers. After seeing this photo, people seem to have found an answer: to eat a fish like a work of art is the secret of Picassos success.

Later, the newspaper also published special comments on this topic: the most successful interview. At the end of the review, it said: the success of life is very complicated and complicated; the success of life is actually very simple, which is as simple as pressing the shutter of the camera gently. The success of Morgans interview lies in catching the live fish in the news. Although Picasso was eating a fish skeleton, in the news, what he was eating was actually a live fish.

Author: Li Liangxu