Intel will assist the U.S. military in the production of advanced chips to ensure local production

 Intel will assist the U.S. military in the production of advanced chips to ensure local production

[Global Times - global network reporter Li Sikun] according to Reuters on October 2, Intel group announced on Friday that it had won the second phase contract of a cooperation project with the U.S. military, aiming to help the U.S. military produce more advanced semiconductors in the United States. But Intel declined to disclose the exact amount of the contract.

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Under the project, Intel will use its semiconductor packaging technology in factories in Arizona and Oregon to help the military develop chip prototypes, the report said. This packaging technology can integrate Chiplets from different suppliers into one package, so as to integrate more functions into a smaller finished product and reduce its energy consumption.

As more and more semiconductor production has moved overseas, the Department of defense is very interested in ensuring that it has advanced microelectronics products produced in the United States that serve national security, Intel chief executive Bob Swann told Reuters in an interview. As a U.S. - based company, it can help solve these key issues for the future of the United States The fundamental concerns that may exist in technology are important.

The cooperation between Intel and the U.S. Department of defense coincides with the U.S. governments focus on boosting domestic semiconductor manufacturing in response to Chinas rise as a strategic competitor, Reuters said. Currently, 75% of the worlds chip production is in Asia, and many of the most advanced factories are in Taiwan and South Korea, which Reuters says are within the range of Chinese and North Korean forces.

One of the areas where we can have a broad impact on China is the return of microelectronic products. Alan Lord, the Pentagons chief weapons buyer, said this Thursday in a testimony before the U.S. Senate Military Committee.

Source: Global Times editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541