Its amazing! Guo Anan blows 6910 ml to become the king of iron lung

 Its amazing! Guo Anan blows 6910 ml to become the king of iron lung

Yesterday, Liaoning Bensteel mens basketball team successfully completed the physical test of the whole team. In addition to Li Xiaoxu, Han Dejun, he Tianju, Zhang Zhenlin and Guo Allen who did not participate in the physical test due to injury and exemption, a total of 14 players participated in the physical test hosted by the professional team designated by CBA League. Among them, 12 players passed the physical test, and only two young players, Zhou Juncheng and Ma Zhuang, needed to pass the supplementary test To qualify for this seasons CBA League.

Liu Yanyu is expected to become the king of CBA

The data of touch height has not been measured in CBA League in the past, but it has always been a hot topic for fans, because in the basketball court, no matter how changeable the players skills are, overcoming the gravity to conquer the sky is the eternal pursuit. And for the fans, the higher the players jump, the higher the position of their palms from the ground, the higher the probability of dunking or capping, both of which can be the strongest visual impact on the basketball court.

Of course, the factors that determine a players height are not only bounce, but also factors such as height and arm span. But generally speaking, those big players still have a big advantage in this data, especially some relatively flexible and relatively light weight big players.

Guo Allens super physical strength finds a basis

In this part of the data, more attention is paid to the lung capacity of the players. With 6910 ml of lung capacity, Guo has become the iron lung king of the team, which is completely consistent with his image of being full of physical energy on the court, which can also be regarded as a scientific basis for Guo Allens excellent physical fitness.

Yan handqi becomes the chief Scud in the team

Yesterdays physical test, for players, the biggest test is undoubtedly speed endurance test, also known as devil 17 fold.. Just from the name, you can feel how it makes players feel headache. Because this test not only tests the speed of running, but also tests their endurance under the condition of continuous high-intensity running.

Whats more, such a test needs to complete five groups in succession with one minute interval, and then determine the final score of the players according to the average score of the five groups. If the physical fitness is not good, even if the front two groups run very fast, the back will also be due to the speed of a sharp decline and lead to their own total score decline. Therefore, the key to pass the test is to maintain a stable speed in the five groups of turn back.

Cong Mingchen is a pitching player

Two minute intensity shooting is also divided into two groups: 2-zone shooting and 3-zone shooting. In the 2-zone intensity shooting test participated by interior players, Zhu Rongzhen made 22 of 28 shots with the highest percentage. Outside the more difficult three-point line, Cong created an amazing number of 21 out of 24 pitches, worthy of his title of God pitcher..

Gao Peng, chief reporter of Liaoshen Evening News