The White House categorically denies a presidential handover: absolutely not!

 The White House categorically denies a presidential handover: absolutely not!

CNN quoted government officials as saying vice president burns was in the vice presidents residence in Washington, D.C., in good health at the moment..

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On October 2 local time, U.S. President trump tweeted that he and his wife were positive for the new coronavirus. The United States is in a new turmoil, it is difficult to win the new crown, and the road to re-election is difficult and the media is busy, and stock index futures have fallen miserably From the early morning of October 2 to the morning, reports from the major American media have been overwhelming. In a bad voice, fox stands out. At this time, he is still talking for trump, saying that the president is also a man. There is no reason to panic. The US media pointed out that this test result not only has a bearing on Trumps personal health, but also has a serious impact on American society and the upcoming presidential election.

U.S. President trump and his wife Melania

CNN: the United States falls into new turbulence

CNN: Trumps test positive puts the country in new turmoil

New York Times: Trumps positive news subverts the final stage of the election

The screenshot of the front page of the official website of the New York Times points out that there are only 30 days left before the voting day of the US presidential election. Because trump showed a arrogant attitude in dealing with the epidemic, his election prospects are now being questioned by the public. After the most difficult year in history, the current president will be scrutinized by voters because he has thrown the whole country into greater uncertainty. According to the report, Trumps political fate will depend to a certain extent on the severity of his illness. British Prime Minister Johnson, for example, was also ill with the new coronavirus, but when he recovered he was able to lead the country again. It seems that Trumps staff are not only blind to the news of his epidemic, but also to remind his staff of how optimistic he is to be in the White House. This behavior amounts to a political disaster.

Los Angeles Times: trump faces political challenge for reelection

Los Angeles Times: the positive test has brought political challenges to current president trump. After Trumps test was positive, the Los Angeles Times published a comment that this news has brought political challenges to the current president trump. Because of the epidemic and the domestic economic downturn, his re-election is very difficult u3002 Because the news is strong enough, many people are discussing what will happen if a presidential candidate dies or becomes incapacitated before voting day on November 3. The Los Angeles Times believes that even if trump is likely to recover, his subsequent campaign will also be affected. For example, he may not be allowed to participate in the second presidential election debate on October 15, and whether trump, who is good at making speeches, can hold another large-scale rally of supporters. More importantly, Trumps positive test will re focus this years general election on the epidemic pandemic. In the face of this issue, trump won a low score among American voters. Dan Schnur, an independent political commentator, said that because trump always despised or ignored the threat posed by the new coronavirus, he was seriously questioned in his message to the public. Novel coronavirus pneumonia will be remembered by Schnurr in the first debate on Biden, said Schnurr. In the US, more than 200 thousand people have been killed.

Washington Post: how the media competed to report that trump and the first lady tested positive. For many American media, the early morning of October 2 is definitely a moment that can be remembered. In a report on the same day, the Washington Post described how the American media reacted to the explosive news. For example, when the reporter of the New York Times was connecting with the anchor of Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation (MSNBC), the news that the trump test was positive was broadcasted on the spot. The major daily newspapers presented the sudden news in bold type in the front page headlines. The Minneapolis Star altar immediately even stopped printing and made a new typesetting. In addition, the bias of major mainstream media in the United States can also be clearly seen. The anchors of CNN and MSNBC constantly analyze the seriousness of the situation and even call for the cancellation of the remaining two presidential election debates. And Trumps former White House doctor Ronnie Jacksonuff08 RonnyL.Jackson uff09In front of Fox News, without any basis, claiming that the president has no symptoms is not a big problem.

Fox News: the president is also a man, there is no reason to panic

WSJ: US and European stock index futures fell after trump test was positive

Wall Street Journal: U.S. stock index futures also fell due to the impact. The Wall Street Journal reported on October 2, local time. Affected by the news released by trump, stock index futures in the United States and Europe fell sharply on Friday, which also indicates that the U.S. stock market will face a decline in the opening of Friday. Prior to this, after trump confirmed that the test results were positive, as soon as the news came out, the three major US stock index futures fell short-term, falling by more than 1%, and continued to expand. Dow Jones industrial index futures once fell by 517 points, or 1.87%. Wall Street Journal analysis that the trump couples virus test results to the market has brought many uncertainties. It has broader implications, or it could change the chances of an election, said Hani redha, an investment manager at PineBridge investments Some people in the investment community said that todays trump news brings people back to the fact that people are still in the crisis of the new epidemic. In addition, the pressure on the crude oil market has doubled. Brent crude fell 3.4% to $39.55/barrel, while West Texas Intermediate futures fell 3.4% to $37.38. However, spot gold rebounded to 1902 US dollars / oz after falling more than 0.8% at one time. In terms of overseas markets, the European Stoxx 600 index fell slightly by 0.7%, while the benchmark indexes of Tokyo, Australia and Singapore all fell, falling between 0.7% and 1.4%.

Reuters: thats what trump has been talking about since January 22

Reuters: in addition to the US media, the media of other countries have also paid attention to and reported on the news. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is published in the Reuters in Britain. It is a piece of paper entitled Trump and new crown pneumonia, which lists Trumps remarks from the beginning of the epidemic to the current new crown epidemic. At the beginning of the article, he told the US media on January 22 that the United States had controlled the new coronavirus and that everything would gradually get better. But then the content began to sudden changes in painting style, throwing pot to blame everything, and even said a series of words contrary to science. In February, trump said the new coronavirus would miraculously disappear; in April, he said that injecting disinfectant could clean the lungs; in July, he suddenly encouraged people to wear masks At the end of the Reuters article, on September 29, in the first debate of the presidential election that night, trump also ridiculed his opponent Biden for wearing masks and said he was not worried about the spread of the new coronavirus at mass rallies. And in the early hours of October 2 local time, trump tweeted on his own: tonight, first lady Melania and I tested positive for the new coronavirus.

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The power of the president of the United States is not transferred to the vice president