Yao Ming came to Wuhan to give team uniform to the team of the epidemic: basketball can bring happiness

 Yao Ming came to Wuhan to give team uniform to the team of the epidemic: basketball can bring happiness

There was a brief opening ceremony before the game. Yao Ming presented the uniforms of the national team of three basketball players from the Central South Hospital basketball team. Yuan Yufeng, vice president of Zhongnan Hospital and leishenshan hospital, said: I didnt feel panic when the outbreak broke out. As a doctor who has been working for more than 20 years, I should keep calm and calm in the face of difficulties and challenges. In addition, I also believe that our country has a strong mobilization ability. When the country is faced with a major disaster, it must be the people of the whole country fighting together. The process of the war epidemic confirms my judgment. In the first line of treatment, Yuan Yufeng is a member of many war epidemic heroes, and in his life, he is a senior basketball fan. He has been infatuated with basketball since he was in middle school, and is now a member of the basketball team of Central South Hospital. On the 2nd, he turned into a basketball fan. My favorite basketball player is Yao Ming, and Im glad hes here today, he said

Yao Mings appearance has brought surprise to the citizens and tourists who are on holiday in the river beach. They have taken out their mobile phones to take pictures. In his speech, Yao Ming said: I havent been to Wuhan for a year. The last time I came was at the military games. Over the past year, we all know what Wuhan has experienced. But today I see that everything seems to be the same here, and life goes on. I believe that behind all this is the tenacious personality of Hubei people and Wuhan people. For the game, Yao Ming said: the basketball game was resumed in Wuhan. Many people came today, and the most important thing is that the fans have come back. This is a great blessing for sports. I believe that sports and wonderful basketball games can also bring comfort and happiness to the people of Wuhan.

In the opening game, the national red team played Jingjiang Yangzi River team. In less than 10 minutes, the national red team ended the game with 21:6. In the second game, Wuhan contemporary red team, one of the local teams, met with Shanghai YM team, the former national finals champion. The two sides had the same strength. After a hard fight, the contemporary team beat the opponent by 21:16.

Wuhan Shengfan womens basketball club is the co named party of this competition, and they also formed a team to participate in the competition. Zhao Feifei, a member of the team, said that the team members came from all departments of Shengfan company, all of them were amateurs. In terms of strength, we cant compete with other professional players. We just focus on participation.

According to reports, the 12 teams participating in the competition were divided into four groups, and the first two teams won the first round, and then the quarter finals, semi-finals and finals were held. The final will be held on the 3rd.

(Zhang Lin, Changjiang Daily)

Source: Changjiang Daily Author: Zhang Lin, editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098