Tianjin Womens volleyball team wins the Championship: physical test does not affect Zhu Tings ranking or will return soon

 Tianjin Womens volleyball team wins the Championship: physical test does not affect Zhu Tings ranking or will return soon

On the evening of October 2, the 2020 National Womens Volleyball Championship came to an end. In the final, Tianjin Womens volleyball team won Shandong womens volleyball team 3-1, and won the championship in the championship.

Due to the epidemic situation, foreign aid is not allowed to participate in this womens Volleyball Championship. However, the participation of many international players has made this competition still get a lot of attention, and the womens volleyball team members have also got the first chance to fight in the field since this year.

At that time, Zhu Tings return to the Super League will attract more attention after her return to the Super League.

Li Yingying won the championship trophy.

Li Yingying wins the first title of team leader

In the past, in the national championship of womens volleyball team, each team would send a second-line lineup to train the team. The standard of the competition was not high, but this years situation was different.

Due to the epidemic situation, womens volleyball events around the world including the Olympic Games have been suspended. As the first official competition since the outbreak of the epidemic, this years full championship has attracted a lot of famous Chinese players to join in.

In the final, Tianjin Womens volleyball team led by Li YingYing and Wang Yuanyuan and Shandong womens volleyball team, which also had Wang Mengjie and other international players, won the final. The two teams defeated Jiangsu and Shanghai womens volleyball teams in the semi-finals.

In the final, Li Yingying continued her brilliant performance in this competition, repeatedly contributing points at critical moments, helping the team lock in the championship trophy with 3:1. According to statistics, Li Yingying scored 34 points in the semi-final and 33 points in the final, which can be regarded as the greatest contributor to Tianjins victory.

It is worth mentioning that this competition is the first time that Li Yingying leads the Tianjin Womens volleyball team to compete in the domestic competition in the capacity of team leader. She also successfully completed the task when she led the team to win the sixth championship of the team history full championship.

Physical fitness test did not affect the ranking

Like many domestic events, the National Womens Volleyball Championship also carried out physical fitness tests.

After each team arrived at the competition place, two days before the official competition, all teams carried out physical examination. It is reported that there are 10 items in the physical fitness test, including 3000 meter run, bench push, squat, 30 meter sprint, sitting body forward bending, etc. each event has 10 points and full score of 100 points. 12 to 14 athletes from each team participate in the test. The results of the top 12 players are used to calculate the total score of the team.

After testing, Tianjin Womens volleyball team ranked first in physical performance, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Hebei and Shanghai ranked two to eight.

Tianjin Womens volleyball team and Shandong womens volleyball team ranked first and second respectively. Jiangsu womens volleyball team, which defeated Shanghai womens volleyball team in the final, won the third place, and Shanghai womens volleyball team ranked fourth. The fifth to thirteenth places were Liaoning, Zhejiang, Fujian, Sichuan, Guangdong, Beijing, Henan, Yunnan and Hebei.

The girls of Tianjin Womens volleyball team celebrated their victory.

Local players are tested

Like the mens volleyball Super League, the womens Volleyball National Championship also follows the policy of not using foreign aid. All the teams play in the all China team.

Compared with the international confrontation created by foreign aid, the whole China class lineup may decline in starlight, but it also gives more opportunities for local players to exercise.

For example, in the top four Shanghai womens volleyball team, Zhonghui, a young main attacker, and Zhang Lei, an old general, have made outstanding performances. In Guangdong Womens volleyball team, Chen Peiyan and 15-year-old Wang Yifan are also attractive new players. From the perspective of training local players and young players, the tournament has completed its task.

Naturally, those who have become famous players are still the main players of the first-line national teams, such as Li Yingying, Zhang Changning, Ding Xia and Wang Mengjie, are still the tranquilizing needles of their respective teams, because the players who have not played in the epidemic for half a year have expressed their importance to this opportunity.

As Zhang Changning said, without foreign aid, I think this is a good opportunity to show the ability of local players. We cherish this opportunity very much

According to a recent announcement issued by the China Volleyball Association, the new season of womens volleyball Super League will soon be opened in November. Under the condition of strict epidemic prevention management, all teams will be able to use foreign aid to participate in the war.

After the training of the whole Chinese class, the teams will face a higher intensity of confrontation. In addition to foreign aid, there is a more attractive change for the audience - at that time, Zhu Ting, who missed the full championship because of her injury, is expected to return to the field.

Source: surging news editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651