How much does less bank outlets affect: will online financing replace offline business

 How much does less bank outlets affect: will online financing replace offline business

If it wasnt for passing by, I didnt notice that a bank branch near the company was closed. Jin Ling, a post-90s worker in Xicheng District of Beijing, told Economic Daily that nowadays, almost all of her financial business is handled through mobile banking, and even the purchase of financial products is also selected on mobile app.

In fact, there are not a few people who feel the same way as Jin Ling. On the one hand, the number of offline outlets of banks has decreased by 1343 by the end of June this year compared with the end of 2019; on the other hand, with the support of financial technology, the online wealth management business of banks has grown rapidly. Will online financing really replace offline business?

More effective resource allocation

In the view of many industry insiders, the rapid development of online wealth management business has become the general trend. The development of financial technology has an impact on both the capital side and the asset side. Zeng Gang, deputy director of the national finance and development laboratory, said that from the capital side, with the increase of data acquisition, banking institutions can provide differentiated and intelligent investment advisory services to long tail customers more accurately. From the asset side, the use of financial technology can help to improve the banks asset allocation capacity, that is, to make the asset side investment more in line with the debt side preference and achieve more effective asset allocation. This is the space that financial technology can achieve in wealth management in the future.

Moreover, Zeng Gang said that when using financial technology to serve long tail customers, banks can enhance risk line management and realize wealth portfolio risk management.

In the view of Hangzhou bank staff, especially in the overall net value trend of financial products, the necessity of after-sales service is gradually increasing. Continuous and professional financial services are the core competitiveness under the new regulation of wealth business asset management. However, offline wealth services have a short board in terms of channels and accessibility.

Relatively speaking, the platform based online financial service has the natural service touch advantage attribute of customers can find the financial manager at any time, and the financial manager can contact the customer at any time, which provides the precondition for the financial manager to carry out the wealth advisory financial service continuously. Not only that, industry experts said, online wealth management business also makes it possible for customers to operate in a centralized way, so that professional financial services can cover the customer base, and the standardized platform online service channels also effectively guarantee the appropriateness and compliance of wealth services.

Zeng Gang further said, for long tail customers, in fact, online business is more convenient and fast, and the time for purchase and redemption is more flexible. But for financial products with large amount, more differentiation and customization, such as non-standard products of private banks, they are more suitable for offline development.

Taking the postal savings bank as an example, the reporter saw in Youan Nanqiao sub branch of Beijing Branch of the postal savings bank that through the upgrading of machines and tools in recent years, the functions of machines and tools in the outlets of the bank have been very rich, and 80% of the business can be handled on the self-service machine, which greatly reduces the pressure on the counter. A financial manager of the branch told reporters that whether it is to open an account, open a mobile bank, or purchase financial management, foreign exchange purchase and settlement of foreign exchange, all can be handled on the self-service machine. Whats more, in the past, it was impossible to get change on self-service machines, but many elderly customers had a strong demand for change. At present, we can withdraw change from self-help machines and tools, and many people are willing to use them. A financial manager said.

By establishing a team of professional and exclusive financial managers, we reach customers with a wide range of products to meet their increasingly complex investment needs. Nearly 40000 outlets cover 99% of Chinas counties (cities), and can provide customers with a warm and reassuring service experience through the hierarchical differentiated service mode provided by financial managers. The person in charge of the postal savings bank said.

Reasonable choice is the key

It is worth noting that the person in charge of the postal savings bank suggests that, regardless of online or offline, financial consumers should first choose the wealth management services of formal professional institutions, and pay attention to checking whether the institutions have business qualifications; secondly, they should purchase products through the official online and offline sales channels of formal financial institutions; thirdly, they should also pay attention to selecting regular employees to obtain professional services Check the financial qualification of the sales service personnel.

Source: China economic network editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368