Trump had mild symptoms, received cocktail therapy and went to the hospital for treatment

 Trump had mild symptoms, received cocktail therapy and went to the hospital for treatment

Trump and his wife have mild symptoms

On the afternoon of October 2, doctors of the White House issued a statement again on the current situation of President trump and the first lady. The statement said that after completing the infusion related to treatment, President trump was in good mental condition except feeling tired.

First lady May Rania showed novel coronavirus pneumonia, mild cough and headache. According to another source, at the doctors suggestion, President trump will go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment, and may stay in the hospital for many days.

After Fridays break, White House media officials issued a statement saying White House physician Sean Conley, in introducing Trumps latest health status, said the president was feeling tired but in good spirits, with some low fever, and has received a single dose of 8 grams of polyclonal antibody mixture , vitamin D and aspirin from regenerant pharmaceutical company (cocktail therapy).

According to media reports, on the 2nd of local time, bill stepien, campaign manager of trump team, said that all campaign activities before the November election will be put online or postponed.

After the news that trump and Melanias new crown test results were positive, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden and his wife received a new coronavirus test on the morning of 2.

Bidens campaign team then issued a statement saying Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, tested negative for the new coronavirus.

Biden also tweeted that his and his wifes test results were negative.

Biden sent trump trump to confirm the diagnosis of the trump couple: Gil and I expressed our condolences to President trump and first lady Mahoney, trump, and hope that they can recover as soon as possible. we will continue to pray for the health and safety of the president and his family.

Election changes? How to choose the investor

After Trumps diagnosis, the odds of betting on Biden and vice president burns rose slightly, while trump dropped to about 36%.

CICC Securities believes that in the next two weeks, the severity of Trumps illness and the speed of recovery will be the key. If the patient is seriously ill and temporarily incapacitated (referring to British Prime Minister Johnson once entered the ICU), according to the 25th amendment of the constitution, it may be necessary to temporarily transfer the presidential power to Vice President burns and recover after recovery (since the 25th amendment came into effect in 1967, there have been only three times, one for Reagan and two times for George W. Bush) Colonoscopy temporarily transfers power). But it is more critical. However, if the patient is seriously ill and cant recover from the election day, it may affect the voters confidence in whether their physical condition can smoothly assume the functions of president, and then affect the election. After all, this time point is too close.

In more extreme cases, if it is too serious to continue to run for election, how the candidates decide will bring more variables to the general election and policy prospects.

CICC also believes that the further increase of election uncertainty may make the market continue the current volatile pattern, and investors may also take a wait-and-see attitude, and even turn to defense and risk aversion periodically.

The three major US stock indexes closed down

By the end of the day, the Dow was down 0.48% to 27682.81, the S & P 500 was down 0.96% to 3348.42, and the Nasdaq was down 2.22% to 11075.02. This week, the Dow was up 1.87%, the Nasdaq was up 1.48%, and the S & P 500 was up 1.51%. The Dow and the S & P 500 ended four weeks of falling. Trumps news of novel coronavirus pneumonia has increased the market uncertainty. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said aid measures for the aviation industry may come soon.

In terms of stocks, large US technology stocks all fell, with apple down 3.23%, Amazon 2.99%, Netflix 4.63%, Google 2.17%, Facebook 2.51% and Microsoft 2.95%.

Bank of America shares rose, with JPMorgan Chase up 0.94%, Goldman Sachs up 0.68%, Citigroup up 0.51%, Morgan Stanley up 1.5%, Bank of America up 0.46%, Wells Fargo up 1.83%.

Most popular Chinese stocks fell, with Alibaba down 0.6%, Jingdong down 3.14%, baidu down 1.45%; lianwai education fell by 25.33%, litchi by 10.51%, eggshell apartment by 6.45%, Danei education by 5.71%, shell by 4.96%, pinduoduo by 4.07%, Weilai automobile by 2.62%, Netease by 3.9%; Liuli said by 10.61%, qudian by 5.65%, and microblog by 4.19%.

In addition, FTSE Chinas A50 Index rose linearly.

Notably, regenerant, which treats trump, is up 4.2%.

U.S. nonfarm employment data below expectations

The U.S. nonfarm employment data for September was less than expected, indicating that many Americans and businesses are in a difficult situation due to the absence of vaccines and government assistance, and the pace of economic recovery has slowed down.

After the September quarter adjustment in the United States, the number of non-agricultural employment increased by 661000, expected to increase by 850000, and the former value increased by 1.371 million; the unemployment rate was 7.9%, which was the fifth consecutive month of decline, expected to be 8.2% and the previous value was 8.4%.

Pelosi: optimistic about an agreement on the stimulus plan

In this case, the US fiscal stimulus plan, which has been deadlocked, may see the dawn.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Trump and Pelosi, who is optimistic about the agreement, said Friday that the new confirmed pneumonia has changed the way to stimulate the negotiation.

After Pelosis speech, the Dow rose for a time. However, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to pass the aviation industry rescue bill, and immediately announced the recess.

Trump will go to the hospital for further treatment