Tesla delivered 140000 vehicles last season! US media: auto industry recovery, it is the leader

 Tesla delivered 140000 vehicles last season! US media: auto industry recovery, it is the leader

While airlines and other industries continue to struggle, the auto industry has begun to recover. Last month, some big automakers reported that sales in the U.S. market were up year-on-year. If this growth continues for a year, the industry is expected to sell 16 million cars and trucks, up from the annual sales of 13 million cars and trucks in June.

The leader in this recovery is Tesla, the electric car maker. On Friday, the company announced third quarter deliveries, another record. Steady growth in China and Europe offset the weakness in the US market. However, Tesla did not provide a breakdown of sales in different regions.

It is reported that Tesla delivered 139300 electric vehicles in the third quarter, an increase of more than 50% compared with the second quarter. The second quarter epidemic forced Tesla and other automakers to close factories, and many consumers had no plans to buy cars.

Tesla also said it produced 145036 electric vehicles in the third quarter, up about 76% from the second quarter. Affected by the outbreak, Tesla was forced to close its factory in Fremont, California, from mid March to mid May. Fortunately, Tesla is able to rely on the newly built Shanghai Super factory to continue production.

While Tesla did well in the third quarter, other automakers also performed better than they did earlier this year. In the third quarter, total car sales fell about 11% year-on-year, but automakers reported that sales rose in September from a year earlier. Toyota said light vehicle sales rose 16% last month.

The recent growth in car sales is clearly driven by pent up demand, which has forced people to postpone buying cars as the epidemic spreads. In addition, inventory of some models is low due to the two-month shutdown of car manufacturers. Car sales are picking up because of the impact of the epidemic on families and businesses. Some people spend money on cars, not on travel, restaurants and entertainment. Others buy new cars because they want to avoid public transport such as subways and buses, or because they have moved from the city to the suburbs and small towns.

GM said sales improved month by month in the third quarter, surpassing the same period last year in September. While the economy rebounded substantially in the third quarter, retail sales rebounded even more, Elaine buckberg, GMs chief economist, said in a statement Ultra low auto loan rates have boosted car sales, but the stronger impetus comes from demand triggered by the epidemic.

But its not clear how long the auto industrys recovery will last. Michelle Krebs, executive editor of Cox automotive, a market research firm, said credit is tightening for some low-income buyers and a surge in confirmed cases could weigh on the auto industry. The U.S. epidemic is not under control, and now the president and the first lady of the United States are infected with the virus again, which has aroused great concern of consumers.

For Tesla, record quarterly deliveries are just the latest in a series of achievements. In recent months, the companys share price has risen sharply, and it has become the worlds largest car company by market value.

However, despite the surge in deliveries, Tesla shares closed down about 7% on Friday amid concerns about whether the company could meet its target of selling 500000 cars this year. In the first nine months of this year, the company has delivered 318000 electric vehicles. To achieve that, more than 180000 cars need to be sold in the fourth quarter, which requires Tesla to set a new record.

Joseph spak, capital markets analyst at Royal Bank of Canada, said in a report to investors that this is not an unattainable goal but that it seems increasingly difficult to achieve now.

But in the long run, Teslas ability to sell nearly half a million cars a year represents a major shift for the company. More than a year ago, Tesla was busy raising money to allay concerns that the company might run out of cash.

But Teslas super factory near Shanghai at the end of last year has boosted production. The company has also launched a new suvmodely with more space than the model 3, which has many parts that are common to the model 3. (Chen Chen)

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The minimum is 249900 yuan! Tesla domestic model 3 price reduction

Cui Zhuzhu

Tesla Model 3 is down again.

Teslas last price hike was on May 1st this year. At that time, the price of the upgraded version of the model 3 standard made in China was reduced from 323800 yuan to 291800 yuan before subsidy. After enjoying the subsidy of 202500 new energy vehicles, the final purchase price of the upgraded version of the model 3 standard made in China was reduced to 2715500 yuan.

It is understood that the range of the upgraded version of the updated model 3 standard has been effectively improved by more than 20 km. Under the national standard condition method, the comprehensive range reaches 468 km, the maximum speed is 225 km / h, and the acceleration time of 100 km is only 5.6 seconds. Enjoy the same vehicle warranty and battery warranty (vehicle warranty: 4 years or 80000 km / battery warranty: 8 years or 160000 km).

Since the model 3 made in China was officially delivered from the Shanghai factory, Tesla has continuously enriched the user experience through OTA air upgrade and localization of vehicle software. At the same time, Tesla has always insisted on building its own super charging network, and has constructed a variety of different charging methods according to different travel scenarios of users. So far, Tesla has built more than 440 super charging stations in China, which can cover about 90% of densely populated cities. In 2020, it will build 4000 super charging piles including v3.