Wechat online youth mode: you can ban access to the game, have a look and other functions

 Wechat online youth mode: you can ban access to the game, have a look and other functions

On October 1, IOS wechat version 7.0.17 was updated, and the youth mode was launched, but the Android version was not yet online.

According to the news experience of the interface, you can enter the password in Settings to turn on or off the youth mode. The first mock exam is for parents to use their WeChat accounts to their children, and also for parents to manage WeChat accounts on behalf of their children, that is, only parents can control their passwords.

In the youth mode, there are five functions that are not accessible by default: shake, look, people nearby, games and shopping.

The three functions of video number, official account and small program can be seen by default.

Tencent stressed in the terms of use of wechat youth mode function that if the user is under 14 years old, this function can only be used after the guardian has read and agreed to the statement of childrens privacy protection statement; if the user is under 18 years old, he / she needs to read the Tencent wechat software license and service agreement and wechat privacy protection guide accompanied by the guardian and obtain the supervision The guardian agreed.

The clause also states that: the guardian still has the obligation to supervise and manage the minors use of the Internet. Even if this function is enabled, the guardian still needs to pay attention to the minors use of wechat, so as to ensure that the use behavior and access content are suitable for minors.

On September 18, Tencent QQ took the lead in releasing the youth mode. The main contents include: displaying Pinyin in chat, blocking invalid search information, only pushing learning content through QQ watch points, and focusing on dynamic page functions, parents can control them.

Compared with QQ youth mode, wechat youth mode lacks the function of chat display pinyin, and parents have less space to set up freely, which needs to be improved.