Hope for stimulus plan? Pelosi said Trumps diagnosis or turnaround

 Hope for stimulus plan? Pelosi said Trumps diagnosis or turnaround

On Thursday, Pelosi and mnuchin failed to reach an agreement again. The house of Representatives passed a $2.2 trillion Democratic bill on Thursday night, but is unlikely to pass in the Senate. The package proposed by Mr. mnuchin was $1.6 trillion.

Although the size of the stimulus package proposed by the two parties was still hundreds of billions of dollars at the time of the final negotiations, Pelosi said she was optimistic about reaching an agreement. We must always find a way out, which is our responsibility and I believe we will. We will find a middle ground. We are legislators. We will do a good job.

We are still negotiating with (the trump administration) and I hope we can reach an agreement despite major differences in key areas, Pelosi said in a letter to House Democrats on Friday.

Aviation industry assistance plan may usher in a turnaround

The airline received good news on Friday. Pelosi said the house could pass an independent bill that would provide aid to airlines to pay wages and save thousands of jobs in the United States. Affected by this, shares of major US airlines rose against the trend on Friday.

As tourism continues to suffer, airlines have asked the government for $25 billion to pay their employees. Pelosi on Friday asked airlines to postpone layoffs that began this week, vowing to provide more aid to the battered airline industry.

In a statement Friday, Pelosi said Congress would provide new aid to the aviation industry, either through a broad stimulus bill or a separate bipartisan consensus bill..

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