Fan Ziming: choose No.17 to have morale and like to eat hot pot and fried tripe

 Fan Ziming: choose No.17 to have morale and like to eat hot pot and fried tripe

Before joining Shougang, fan Ziming played in Guangzhou and Xinjiang for two seasons.

At the beginning, he tried to cover up the past with its not me, youre wrong. But when he heard the question of whether its more motivation to go after the championship once, if youve missed the championship once, the young man admitted, only after playing the finals and experiencing the defeat, will the idea of touching the champion be stronger. I think only in this context can we really stimulate the desire to win the championship

I dont want to be able to help the team a lot when its needed or something important. I hope to play a more important role in the team and help the team to a greater extent With a clear direction of development, fan worked harder in action. Last year, he strengthened his personal skills and tried to take on greater responsibility. Xinjiang team is the only all China team in the top four last season. Fan Ziming and Zhou Qi played an important role in the inside line. Especially after the rematch, Xiao Fan got more playing time, the excellent performance of attack and defense both sides let the team and the outside praise.

After the Xinjiang teams loan expired, fan Ziming returned to Guangzhou to report for duty. At that time, it was reported that he was scrambled by several powerful teams. After the dust settled, Xiao Fan confirmed that he had heard about it, but never asked to be traded. Finally, with the efforts and operation of various parties, fan Ziming, who has only played CBA for four years, arrived at the third station, Beijing Shougang.

When he was young, he turned to many teams. He mocked himself as a rare species of CBA. Every time I change a new environment, I feel a little uneasy, but no matter where I play basketball, what I have to do will not change, and the goal of I am better today than yesterday will not change.


Shougang No.17 wants to play morale

After the first joint practice, fan Ziming mentioned we Shougang several times in an interview. The club staff on the side of the team laughed. The Beijing media colleagues also had a good impression on the young man who had just arrived. In fans opinion, from one team to another, it is an affirmation and an incentive.

In the first training session, he felt Shougangs preparation quality, the rigor of the coaching team and the focus of his new teammates. He said, I like it very much.. The first step into the team is to ask yourself to keep up with your teammates and achieve the same rhythm as soon as possible.

In this off-season, Shougang has introduced Li muhao and fan Ziming as two national players, one of the big winners in the trading market. Originally trapped for many years of short board, suddenly strong. It can be predicted that the two new aid will receive more attention in the future.

Is the expectation of the outside world pressure or motivation? Fan was sober about this. Its impossible to say that there is no pressure. I joined Shougang in the first year of this year, and this years off-season period is particularly short. As in the past few months, we have a running in period, but this year I need to adapt to and understand my teammates in particular Although the challenge is not small, fan is full of confidence. The players of Shougang have a lot of experience in the game and have a high level of players. I am looking forward to having a chemical reaction with them He said.

As for the voice of the championship, fan Zimings reply is also natural: no team or player does not want to win the championship, which is definitely the height I want to achieve in my career and the goal I have been pursuing. He believes that the new season for Shougang, the most important thing is to do the process well step by step, only by doing the process well, can we consider the results.

When he took over Shougangs No.17 shirt at the new years meeting, fan Ziming had a light in his eyes. More handsome than I thought. He hopes to continue his wonderful fate with the number 17. The homophony of 17 is morale . He has worn many numbers since he was a child, and he plays the best with number 17.

A sister close to fan Ziming told the Beijing News: although the child is young, he is hardworking, down-to-earth and loves to learn. Just over 18 years old, he wandered into the professional arena and made continuous progress in the past four years. Fan Zimings CBA road has been one step at a time.

As a post-95, Xiao Fans spare time life seems to be a bit like an old cadre compared with his peers. Maybe people of our age are generally active, but I prefer quietness. In his spare time, he was willing to devote more time to books and was interested in history and literature.

My aim is that there is at least one body and soul on the road. Because of the limitation of occupation, I cant travel to different places frequently. If you cant get out of your body, you should read more books, expand your knowledge and look for a broader world from books. In his first interview after joining the club, the young mans expressive ability impressed the media and fans. At last, he asked do you have any questions in English. Although Xiao Fan Qian said that his English level was only enough for daily communication, if you speak too much, you will be exposed. However, it is rare for domestic players to be able to communicate with foreign aid and foreign teachers without obstacles on the field.

When asked about his favorite old Beijing cuisine, he blurted out hot pot and fried tripe. The national team training just finished, and seamless transition to the league, fan Ziming has not yet been able to explore more new dishes and places. Take your time later. Its convenient now anyway. He said.

When asked whether Zhai Xiaochuan, the team leader, took him to his restaurant in the interview after the new years meeting, fan Ziming turned his head to look at the captain and said frankly, I havent got it yet. I hope there will be a chance in the future. With Xiaochuans enthusiasm and care for his new teammates, Xiao Fan will have a chance to experience a new taste experience.

Source: Beijing News, author: Liu Chen, editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098