U.S. President Trumps campaign will be on-line or postponed

 U.S. President Trumps campaign will be on-line or postponed

Trump posted an article on social media in the early morning of the 2nd, saying that he and his wife Melania had tested positive for the new coronavirus. At present, the trumps are staying in the White House and have entered the quarantine and recovery process.

Trump campaign manager bill stipin said in a statement that all previously announced campaigns involving Trumps participation will be switched to online or temporarily postponed, activities involving trump family members will also be postponed temporarily, and the arrangements for other campaigns will depend on the specific situation. Vice President burns tested negative for the new coronavirus and plans to restart his campaign.

Trump and Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, were scheduled to hold the second and third presidential debates on the 15th and 22nd respectively. At present, it is not clear whether the relevant arrangements will change.

Biden said on social media Tuesday that he and his wife, Jill, had been tested for the new coronavirus, and the results were negative. Bidens campaign team immediately announced that Biden was still in Michigan on the same day as planned.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Harris also tested negative for new coronavirus on the same day. She and pence are scheduled to hold the only vice presidential debate on the 7th.

The 2020 US general election will be held on November 3.