Er Meis Diary: I want to wish the person who enjoys flowers in a wheelchair (October 2, 2020)

 Er Meis Diary: I want to wish the person who enjoys flowers in a wheelchair (October 2, 2020)

We strolled in the botanical garden, took photos, sat in a daze by the lake, and went to Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall and Liang Qichaos cemetery. Cao Xueqin and Liang Qichao are both great masters in the history of Chinese culture. Pay a visit to them and get some talent.

I told my friends, you see, the living people are all in the world, but the difference between people is so big. Some people died, we also want to visit his cemetery, seek spiritual comfort. But some people live, others want to be eight feet away from him, do not want to get close to him, then he is not very sad to live.

The friend nodded and said yes, quoting a famous poem: some people live, he has died.

I said, I also want to be a person who is loved and remembered after death. If I die and someone goes to my graveyard to see me and miss my beauty, then my life will be worth living.

Its a bit of a shame to talk about things after death. But after all, we cant get around it. If we think about it early, maybe we wont leave so many regrets.

We love with our heart in this life. When we die, our love can still shine through time and space, which is a wonderful thing. Those who have love in their hearts, their bodies will die, but their spiritual love can exist for a long time, which can give eternal comfort to the world.

Death is not terrible, fear is mediocrity, wasted life, leaving a blank. You die, even a tears for you do not have a sense of existence is zero. Thats the sad thing.

When I was discussing the meaning of life with my friends, I suddenly thought of Qianlong. It is said that Emperor Qianlong is a seal maniac. He seals everywhere for fear that others will not know him. Speaking of Qianlong, I was crazy about my circle of friends, and all the photos I took now.

I suddenly understood Qianlong today. The reason why Qianlong was crazy about stamping was that he didnt want people to forget him. Qianlong likes to seal, just like I like to make friends. In essence, they want to fight against this nihilistic life and leave our mark in the world. Some people, although they dont seal or make friends, are stamping in other places and leaving their own marks in other places. We just dont know.

After talking about the meaning of life, we went to see the flowers and saw the yellow flowers everywhere.

There was a man who caught my attention. The man was sitting in a wheelchair, and his family pushed him out to have a look at the chrysanthemums blooming in autumn. At that moment, I was a little moved, I silently sent his blessing in my heart, I want to wish him a happy autumn. Sitting in a wheelchair, he must have suffered a lot of life, but at the moment, he can still enjoy the beauty of life.

If one day, when we feel that we have nothing in our life, we try to come out and have a look at the world. Maybe our mentality will change. As long as you want to get close to the light, the light will shine on you. The premise is, you have to take the initiative to look for it. If you always keep yourself in a dark place, even if there is light in the world, you cant see it.

The flowering period is limited, so enjoy the flowers as soon as possible. Ones life is limited. Love one as soon as possible. If you like something, you should do it as soon as possible. I never agree with the idea of quietly waiting for the pie to hit the head. The pie has long fallen and hit the heads of those who take the initiative to pick it up. Life is not used to wait passively, life is used to experience actively.

Eat meat as soon as possible.