How to guide a man to propose with a high attitude if he doesnt want to get married? Use these 5 moves, can wait for good news

 How to guide a man to propose with a high attitude if he doesnt want to get married? Use these 5 moves, can wait for good news

Many people may buy a house because of their marriage, but Du Jiang sold his house to buy a diamond ring for Huo Siyan.

After this incident was exposed, netizens all said: Du Jiangs three outlooks are too correct.

Du Jiang once said in a variety show: when he fell in love with Huo Siyan, the economic situation was not good, and he couldnt even afford a decent diamond ring.

It took a long time for the diamond ring to be transported from South Africa to Hong Kong and then from Hong Kong to Beijing.

For this proposal, Du Jiang also spent enough thought, he originally wanted to propose in front of the love wall.

But at that time, Huo Siyan was already in the third trimester of pregnancy, so it was very inconvenient to travel.

Later, he had time to move to Beijing to make a proposal.

The setting sun at 5 p.m. is the most beautiful and this is the best time, he said

Every detail of the proposal was made by Du Jiang himself.

Huo Siyan had no idea of Du Jiangs plan on the day of her proposal. At that time, she was plain faced and her figure had gone out of shape due to her late pregnancy.

Du Jiangs suit is straight, very handsome, such a contrast in appearance, but let this love become more sweet.

At that time, Du Jiang did not propose immediately when Huo Siyan was just pregnant.

It can be said that Du Jiang really thinks about Huo Siyan everywhere and dotes on Huo Siyan after marriage.

In the program, Huo Siyan wants to eat spicy hot, but is worried about getting fat and not looking good on camera.

Du Jiang directly said: fat point is not afraid, post-processing will be good, it can be seen that Du Jiangs love for her.

In the program, the two peoples daily life is just like a pair of small and medium-sized lovers in love. Huo Siyan is also often coquettish in front of Du Jiang.

If love has always been a party in the pay, then it will not be long.

In this relationship, Huo Siyan is also very concerned about Du Jiang.

Later, she silently withheld 3000 yuan. When questioned by everyone, she said with embarrassment: I want to keep some for my husband.

This sentence also makes other husbands very envious.

Love is always mutual.

In order to make Huo Siyan happy, Du Jiang sold his only house. Huo Siyan also wanted to make her husband travel more comfortable and spend less.

This kind of mutual understanding can make them married for many years and still be happy.

How do girls guide men to propose with high attitude?

Many girls hope to be like Huo Siyan and find a husband who can love her life.

But in reality, there are many girls who face the problem that their boyfriends dont want to get married.

Girls hope to be in their most beautiful age, put on a beautiful wedding dress, marry their own prince charming.

But there are also some men who are not in a hurry to get married. Even if they get along well, they dont want to get married. On the contrary, they want to continue to enjoy the days when they are not bound by marriage.

Some girls cant hold their breath and start to force marriage, and finally turn marriage into an embarrassing thing.

The same behavior, if a boy takes the initiative, is called propose.

But if it is the girl who takes the initiative, it is called forced marriage, and if the girl takes the initiative to marry, it will be easier to suffer losses.

In the future life, it is easy to be despised by her husband, and even some mens families will bargain before marriage and bargain when they see the girls anxious to get married.

Girls want to do not suffer losses in this matter, do not press step by step, you can retreat.

1. Have your own posture

Girls must treat their marriage in a proper manner, and do not create the illusion of he is not married.

Even if you want to marry each other very much, dont rush to force marriage.

Be calm and dont worry. Even if you are urged to marry by your family, you should keep your bottom line.

To let yourself in front of boys, show that marriage is very cautious, even if marriage also want to marry love.

Sometimes love is like flying a kite. The more you want to control it, the more it wants to escape.

Girls can loosen the rope at an appropriate time, but will go further.

If a girl puts pressure on her to get married every day, her boyfriend will take marriage as a stressful thing, which is not good for marriage.

Like Huo Siyan, even though she was about to give birth, she still did not take the initiative to force her marriage and did not give Du Jiang any pressure. Finally, she waited for Du Jiang to make a perfect proposal.

Dont break the boundary between love and marriage

Some girls want to take good care of boys when they are in love.

When they first fell in love, they wanted to live together immediately, and then turned themselves into an old woman to take care of his clothing, food, housing and transportation. They thought that this could catch mens heart.

But studies have shown that the longer you live together, the less likely men are to want to get married.

Cohabitation breaks the boundaries between love and marriage.

Some boys will have some lucky psychology: since it is the same whether they get married or not, why should they step into the siege of marriage?

He will not be used in his marriage before the marriage.

You can let them taste a little sweet, the rest after marriage, and then let him slowly experience, so that he will want to enter the palace of marriage as soon as possible.

3. Inducement is better than coercion

In the matter of marriage, inducement is better than the effect of force.

Some girls always use the words well break up if we dont get married to coerce men into marriage.

Willing marriage and passive marriage often lead to two different directions of marriage.

Girls can make them yearn for marriage life through a little inducement.

At the same time, girls can also inadvertently mention the beautiful life after marriage, and appropriately weaken the current sense of happiness.

When two people are together, they can describe the blueprint of a happy life after marriage, or mention some benefits of marriage from time to time, so that the other party becomes yearning for the life after marriage.

When Huo Siyan is about to give birth, Du Jiang has not proposed. In fact, Huo Siyans heart will certainly be very anxious and uneasy.

Find his fear of marriage

Many boys dont want to get married because they have the fear of marriage, because they feel that they will become unfree or stressed after marriage.

For example, some boys think that after marriage, they cant go out drinking and chatting with their friends.

Girls can inadvertently tell him: as long as you pay attention to the frequency and home time, even after marriage, you can continue to drink with your friends, and you can also take yourself.

This will slowly ease their fear of marriage.

You can also tell the other party that the pressure of life after marriage can be borne by two people together, so that he can slowly put his worries and be willing to marry us.

5. Withdraw appropriately to increase their sense of crisis

If you want to make the boy propose, the girl should have the charm that makes the boy dream.

Just like Cinderella in the fairy tale, because she wants to change back to the original at midnight, she chooses to leave when the prince wants to, and then leaves a crystal dance shoe, so that the prince will never forget her.

Men always have a sense of conquest over what they cant get.

Dont let them see through easily, keep a little fresh and mysterious, which can also stimulate their desire to conquer.

If they cant grasp it well, they can leave at any time.

Even if a girl wants to marry him again, dont put on a posture that he doesnt marry.

On the contrary, it will make boys feel no sense of conquest, reduce their interest, and let them not cherish this relationship.

Smart girls should let boys have a sense of crisis in their relationships, so that they will become more active.

Girls should keep themselves even when they are in love. Dont take love as their whole.

They will take good care of their boyfriends, which will only make them unhappy and in a passive position in love.

Womens posture sometimes determines the happiness of the latter half of life. Women should have enough determination and self-confidence for marriage, so that they can be in an invincible position in marriage.

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