Zhang Hans view on love: love is also very realistic, and family background is very important to spouse selection criteria

 Zhang Hans view on love: love is also very realistic, and family background is very important to spouse selection criteria


In signal of the heart 3, a guest is emotionally unstable. Therefore, Zhang Han talks about love experience. Unexpectedly, he also has a more realistic side. He said bluntly: family background is very important for spouse selection criteria. In fact, I know that better. Its who and why, but its a little uncertain. (article / piaoyutang) because he wants to get married. If you are just in love, he wont think so much about it. If you just fall in love, you wont think so much. Direct love is love, water to the canal to achieve marriage.


Zhang Han used to focus on work when he was in love. Todays standard of love is somewhat the same as that of male guests, who want a more stable love relationship. But at that stage, I really needed to work hard, including now. Everyones life needs are different at every stage. But with the growth of experience, peoples ideas will also change. Now Zhang Han is more interested in company. Company is indeed the most affectionate confession, such a confession is full of longing for love.


Back to that topic, is family background important to mate selection criteria? Once upon a time, it was about matching each other. After all, you have to think: after marriage, it will be two families. If the conditions of these two people are too different, how to get along with each other? The dragon begets the dragon, the Phoenix begets the Phoenix, the mouse begets the son to make the hole in the ground. When the communication is not good, there will be more conflicts. In order to avoid future trouble, or do not look for family background and their own too different. Besides, if your family background is too bad, dont think about it. Because, you mean to pay for the other family.


So love is very realistic. Its not just about you, even if you dont mind, someone will. Its impossible to be unrealistic. The reality is that you have to make changes; the reality is that you have to make concessions. If its not your favorite, you have to be strict with your family background. If its true love, family background is less important. However, if you can, choose the better one. Even Zhang Han admits this fact, so you can be obedient. Dont test love. Family background is a criterion for choosing a spouse!