Why do smart parents like their childrens entry system? Dont listen to the laymans words. These seven internal causes are thoroughly explained

 Why do smart parents like their childrens entry system? Dont listen to the laymans words. These seven internal causes are thoroughly explained

As the song goes, parents dont want their children to make much contribution, they just want to be safe and peaceful, and often go home to have a look. Most parents overestimate their young children. When they are 3 years old, they think their children are prodigies. Middle school students think that they will be thankful to be admitted to university. The prediction of adult children is underestimated. Few parents firmly predict that their children will become a billionaire in the future. Since children are ordinary people, they should pursue the most stable things. Public institutions are the representatives of iron rice bowl. A stable life, so that parents feel at ease, this mentality is the mainstream.

u30103u3011 Official standard thought.

In many areas of China, the official standard thinking is still relatively heavy. For example, in Shandong, northeast, North China and other regions, it seems that only civil servants can be considered as serious occupations. Other occupations are wage earners. Even small bosses should be vulnerable groups in front of public power. If you study well, you will become an official. If you study hard, you will become an official and become rich? There is an officials son and daughter who glorifies his family and no one dares to bully him. This is more face saving than the migrant workers. For example: when returning to their hometown for the Spring Festival, civil servants in Beijing ministries and commissions have face, or do high paid programmers in Beijing have face? Whats in it? Whats inside.

u30104u3011 Enjoy social resources.

Todays society is still a human society. There are people in the court who are good at being officials, while those in the court are good at handling affairs. In the eyes of many parents, to be able to allocate social resources to relatives is to have real status and face. For example, arrange a job for relatives, arrange a ward for friends, solve an admission index for colleagues, and so on. If there are children in the family who have real power in public institutions, the parents will have more face. Moreover, this kind of social resources can be exchanged within the system, which makes it much more convenient to handle affairs. Especially in small places, making a phone call can do some private affairs, which shows a high social status and a sense of superiority of fame and wealth.

u30105u3011 The salary and welfare are good.

There is no doubt that the welfare benefits of the civil service are generally at the middle and upper levels in the local area. Some people are still complaining that the welfare benefits of the civil service are not good enough. This is a problem of dislocation of the reference system. If you have to compare the welfare of civil servants in remote villages and towns with those in the Pearl River Delta, and if you do not take the salary ratio between township teachers and the middle-level of listed companies, this is a pure challenge. In addition, there are more invisible welfare and security grey welfare (internal legitimacy of the unit) in the system, such as the fund-raising policy room of the unit, the enrollment index of children, the arrangement of work by relatives, and so on. Some welfare can not be measured by money.

u30106u3011 There is an advantage in finding a partner.

No matter men or women, the advantages of civil servants are obvious. It is a versatile occupation. For example, parents of powerful families hope to find their daughter a career in public affairs, so that their sphere of influence can be covered. Rich families want to find a daughter-in-law of public affairs. They want to be safe and stable. The families in the system hope to match each other. People outside the system always want to have a head in their own family.

u30107u3011 The safety bottom line is high.

The safety baseline within the system is relatively high. Parents greatest desire for their children, especially girls, is to be safe and safe for their whole life. If they are employed outside the system, parents will worry about their children being bullied by their superiors, being under the rules of the boss, being made difficult by customers, being dug by competitors, etc. it is not that the workplace TV plays are too much to watch, but they do exist in reality. Parents are worried about whether their children should be bullied or they cant resist the temptation of society. For example, the beautiful girl is asked by the boss to accompany the wine. If she doesnt go, she is afraid that she will not be able to protect her job, and she is afraid that she cant resist the temptation of money. There are strict discipline requirements and supervision mechanisms in the system, and relatively, personal safety and dignity can be guaranteed. If parents are coming here, they must have a deep understanding.