How could the first person who revealed that the president was infected with the new crown be an NBA reporter?

 How could the first person who revealed that the president was infected with the new crown be an NBA reporter?

The two tweeted at the same minute, but the exact number of seconds couldnt be confirmed. Only some quick witted people showed that zaranyas tweet might be only a dozen seconds late for trump. So everyone was amazed: How did this NBA reporter get the inside information of the White House?

But in fact, zaranya cant really master the White House news. The so-called first explosion is probably exaggeration. His name will not be mentioned in the reports of major mainstream media. His revelations only prove that his hand speed is really different from ordinary people, as well as the most important characteristic of his success in NBA media circle: boldness.

As one of the reporters who master the most NBA news, chalanyas name has long been in the circle. Its hard to imagine that hes only three years out of college.

His career is as legendary as many NBA stars. He fell in love with basketball since junior high school, but limited by his talent, his dream of playing in the NBA was shattered in high school.

He grew up in Illinois and went to high school just 20 miles from the Bulls home United Center, which was many years after Jordan retired.

At that time, social networks had not yet become popular. Chalanya mainly relied on hoopsphype and realgm to watch basketball news. These two media established their foothold in the industry with their fast updating speed. However, chalanya still remembers that she always refreshed the website and was eager to see the news.

In her third year of high school, chalanya joined the school newspaper and covered sports news. But the school newspapers sense of achievement could not satisfy him. He wanted to report on the professional league and even more wanted to enter the professional circle. So he began to write a bull blog in a column under the Chicago Tribune, covering daily news and post game summaries.

Real GM gave him the opportunity to have a professional title. He started working on the wire very quickly. In 2011-12 season, he began to contact some role players of the bulls. His first article published in realgm was about guard Mike James.

Through contact with players, he got to know a group of agents, which is the main source of his information.

However, at the beginning, chalanya can only make some anecdotes. Who signed the new 10 day contract and who got the new non guarantee contract was not the type that could attract attention.

In 2012, zaranya was admitted to Loyola University to study communication. At that time, his sideline in the NBA had been in full swing, and he went to Chicago to interview wade in the summer vacation of senior high school.

After all, Milwaukee is a small ball city, and there is not so much media attention. Seeing zaranya, who is willing to work for free, Bucks public relations department approved his application, which opened a new door for chalanyas journalist career.

It happened to be Brandon Jennings last game at the Bucks, and he wanted to do a post game interview about him. But after the game, he didnt find Jennings in the dressing room, so he ran to the parking lot to block people. It was unprofessional, but Jennings didnt mind. They talked for about three minutes, and zaranya succeeded in writing an exclusive interview..

Later in the playoffs, he drove another three and a half hours to Indianapolis to report on the Pacers and Knicks.

But such a busy and diligent work, also let his NBA sideline gradually become the main business. In the 2013-14 season, before he was 20 years old, it was a big story that lol Deng was traded by the bulls to the Cavaliers.

Because of the news, chalanya gained 4000 fans one night. His active activities in the NBA circle have attracted the attention of many senior journalists. Paul ficenbaum, the editor in chief of sports illustrated at that time, took the initiative to get to know him. Later, feichenbaum became the chief content officer of the athletics, which paved the way for chalanyas future.

Warnarowski set up a luxury reporter group in Yahoo, chalanya, as a rising star, got the best development opportunity at the most appropriate time. With the help of teachers, his influence on social networks has grown exponentially.

He himself said, God knows what I can do without twitter. It became a tool I could use and changed everything.

Woj and shams chalanya

Since the rise of social media, the road of traditional media has become narrower and narrower. In the United States, the status of media has also declined. From the gatekeeper and the fourth power in the Watergate era, it has been submerged by false information and propaganda in social media, and has become false news in the words of the president.

The brand of Yahoo, to some extent, represents the glorious era of portal news website. This is true of wanaroski, of course. His wojbomb is the transition from serious news to flow news, which leads to the change of communication direction of the whole NBA.

Not long after graduating from University, chalanya was pushed to the position of the pillar of Yahoo Sports. In the summer of 2017, he staged a dragon and tiger fight war with warnarowski, which was even more wonderful than the free market itself. They set up a special topic for the media to score more points for them.

At this point, chalanya has finally become a major journalist on his own, and is also the main competitor of master warnarowski.

On the other hand, because of the halo of ESPN media giant, his disclosure has been limited. The most obvious example is that the NBA and ESPN, in order to ensure the viewing effect, do not allow warnarowski to disclose the teams choice in advance on draft day, which actually makes netizens less happy. As for the top star of the leagues golden owners, Werner roski is more unlikely to be black as before.

But zaranya is no doubt taking the road that voranovsky has gone through to the end. The athletic does encourage this approach, as can be seen from the conflict between Durant and the warriors that its Bay Area Branch has been hyping over the past year.

This time, zaranya sent out information about trump, and Tim Kawakami, chief editor of the athletic Bay area station, also added fuel to his hype, saying that the White House should investigate who leaked the secret. Last year, when Durant tore his Achilles tendon, Kawakawa was besieged by angry fans, but the memory of the Internet is too short.

Although chalanyas disclosure and powder rising speed are very fast, but his accuracy can not be compared with several ESPN ace reporters. For example, when the Lakers had internal problems last year, chalanya took the lead in robbing Walton in the dressing room and clashed with several veteran Laker veterans. But later, ESPN revealed that it was basically the opposite, but the content and logic were more credible.

In any case, chalanya revealed on October 1 local time that Trumps tweet about Trumps new crown had been forwarded nearly 50000 times and praised 90000 times in less than 10 hours. As an account with 850000 fans, its terrible to be able to draw such traffic.

By contrast, Warner rosky, who has more than 4.1 million fans, posted such a stream of tweets when he first tweeted Doug rivers after class (retweeted 43000 times and praised 105000 times).

Wo Shen is more old-fashioned, and is not willing to use its influence to wade through muddy waters

The 51 year old Wo Shen has never used his own account to wade through political chaos. His most mischievous fake information is nothing more than sudden: happy Christmas to you all. (of course, he has distinct political views in private, and he even gushes furiously at Republican congressmen in e-mails, and has been suspended for a time. For details, please see: wojs fxxkyou scolds James.)

But in todays era of the environment, NBA has a star into politics, media people are inevitably affected. As a pioneer and sharp thinker, Werner rosky seems to have become a conservative traditionalist who cant be compared with a bold young man.

The big news about the presidents infection with the virus has created a traffic carnival on social networks. Too many people like zaranya want to take a piece of it and enjoy the spread effect of big V. Right and wrong seem to no longer matter.