The first soldier of Laoshan! Naked in the stone crevice 10 meters away from the Vietnamese army for 117 days!

 The first soldier of Laoshan! Naked in the stone crevice 10 meters away from the Vietnamese army for 117 days!

The 00001 badge on the chest of Xing Zhiqiang

On April 28, 1984, China recovered Laoshan and zheyin mountain areas, which are very important strategic areas in the border area between China and Vietnam, and severely taught the Vietnamese army a lesson in the subsequent three counter attacks. From 1984 to 1989, China dispatched 10 army groups to fight in the two mountain areas in turn, and the two mountain areas became the training ground for the Chinese army.

There is a saying on the front line of Laoshan: Laoshan is heaven, balihe Dongshan is human, and lanakou is hell. There is a dangerous position in nalakou. The nearest post is only 6 meters away from the Vietnamese position. On February 11, 1985, a unit of the Nanjing Military Region seized this position from the Vietnamese army, and used this date as the number 211 of the position to commemorate the victory of the battle.

In the middle of May 1985, after Jinan military region changed its defense to Nanjing Military Region, the Vietnamese army seized position 211 again on May 31, taking advantage of our unstable foothold. All the officers and soldiers who stood on it were all killed except soldier Li Linhai who was captured, monitor Bao humin jumped off a cliff and hid in the grass for seven days and returned to the friendly position.

In the photo of Nala complex terrain, C is position 211

Close to the Vietnamese position

The 67 army, which had changed its defense, was eager to recapture the position and launched an attack without serious preparation. However, the Vietnamese army occupied a favorable place, which was easy to defend and difficult to attack. Highland 211 became a meat grinder. In the more than ten days of fighting for highland 211, more than 120 commandos stayed on the highland 211 forever, regardless of the severity of the wounded.

Farewell to martyrs

However, the Vietnamese army, unwilling to fail, made the same mistakes as our army. In 44 days, it launched 98 counter attacks and 120 sneak attacks on position 211, leaving more than 400 lives and countless injuriesu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

Another year later, our army changed its defense again and replaced it with the 139 division of Lanzhou Military Region. However, position 211 is notorious. Who will guard position 211?

The 211 position and the Vietnam position in close proximity

However, one person recommended himself in blood and went to the 211 position. He was Xing Zhiqiang, known as the first soldier of Laoshan. Xing Zhiqiang is a native of Qingyang County, Gansu Province. His father once served as General Wang Zhens security guard. He and his brother Xing Zhizhong both took part in the war and launched a meritorious competition in the front line to see who would report the good news to his father first.

The three posts of our army on position 211 are actually three stone cracks. Xing Zhiqiang and two other soldiers, pan Jiutian and Bai Shishou, are stationed in the No.1 post of the nearest stone crack to the Vietnamese army. As soon as Xing Zhiqiang was on the sentry post, the Vietnamese army launched an attack in the late night of April 28, attempting to take advantage of the unstable opportunity of our army to recapture the position.

When reporting to 255 position company

Photos of Xing Zhiqiang (2 from left back) and comrades in command post

On that night, two platoons of the Vietnamese army attacked position 211 under the cover of artillery fire. Xing Zhiqiangs other two comrades in arms called for artillery support and fought back bravely against the enemys attacks again and again.

Suddenly, several shells exploded nearby, and Xing Zhiqiangs right eye corner and leg were injured, but he pulled the shrapnel from his leg and still persevered in the fight.

At this critical moment, the telephone line was blown off, and he lost contact with his superiors. He could no longer call for artillery support. Xing Zhiqiang could only help his comrades bandage their wounds and carry them to sentry post 3. The Vietnamese army seized the opportunity to occupy Posts 1 and 2. Xing Zhiqiang led the soldiers at sentry 3 to recapture positions 1 and 2 at 5:00 a.m. when the Vietnamese army was not stable, they beat back the attack of the Vietnamese army many times. They persisted until dawn to end the battle and firmly held the posts.

The report of PLA Daily that year

Later, they learned that after their loss of contact, the superior thought that the post might be lost. As long as the commander gives an order, our artillery will cover the whole 211 Highlands, but the final order is still not given, and they have escaped a disaster.

Compared with the war, the hard life in the crevice is more difficult.

The condition for such a crack is good

Laoshan is a subtropical karst landform with high mountains, dense forests, humid and hot. There are some natural cracks on the mountain, which soldiers sometimes use to defend and fight.

At the stone gap of the first post, Xing Zhiqiang and two comrades in arms crowded like sardine every day, sitting and sitting, standing and standing, lying and lying. In order to relieve the pressure on the neck, they even tied a rope to the stone and put the head on it to lighten the burden on the neck. During the day, they let one man go back to sentry 3 to rest, while making room for the other two. At night, the man returned to his post to fight.

Xing Zhiqiang (wounded) and his comrades in arms

Rotten crotch is a kind of battlefield skin disease similar to trench foot. The curative effect of medicine is limited. In the case of high temperature and humidity, this disease makes life worse than death. First, the crotch itched unbearably, and then it festered due to involuntary scratching. Blood oozed out and people couldnt move when they sat there.

Old mountain skirt made by front line soldiers

After the superior knew about it, he tried to send a miniature electric fan with batteries to blow the crotch. However, Xing Zhiqiang was unable to use it because he was worried that the sound of the fan would be heard by the Vietnamese army. The superior also sent a sponge mat to make it convenient for them to lie down, but the sponge mat became a water cushion after absorbing water, which could not be used.

In these more than 100 days, even sleep has to keep an eye open to prevent the Vietnamese troops from sneaking attack. In the crevice where a single grenade can destroy a sentry post, the soldiers on duty must always be alert. Therefore, even in the days when there is no war, there are soldiers on duty at the crack and the weapons are ready.

Later, two of Xing Zhiqiangs comrades in arms changed their positions after being seriously injured. Xing Zhiqiang thought that he was familiar with the situation of the sentry post and was unwilling to go down. Even the commanders order to let him go down was disobeyed. In this way, Xing Zhiqiang was the first to go to position 211, and the last one to withdraw position 211. He stayed in that crack for nearly four months and 117 days.

However, it is in this crevice that Xing Zhiqiang and his comrades in arms have created a miracle: repelling dozens of attacks by the Vietnamese army, annihilating 35 enemies, and no one in the company has been killed. This is the only special case of a company that has not been killed in the 10-year Laoshan battle.

Xing Zhiqiang was later rated as a first-class meritorious official and promoted to platoon leader, but he still suffered from joint pain, low back and leg pain and other sequelae. But he later said in an interview with reporters that now I am very satisfied that I can speak aloud, sleep on my back, go to the toilet without worry, and walk freely.

The war in southern Xinjiang is hard that people born in peaceful times cant imagine. However, the Chinese soldiers guarding there are not only brave and tenacious, but also extremely tough. In the cracks like hell, no one is afraid of life and death, and no one is timid.

Today is October 1, the 71st birthday of the peoples Republic of China. The country is rich and strong, and the people are in good health. I wish these heroes who have made immortal contributions to the Republic, have a happy double festival!