Li Jia, 50 years old, shows her good figure in lace perspective dress

 Li Jia, 50 years old, shows her good figure in lace perspective dress

The hem of the top is all tucked into the High Waist Wide Leg Pants. After matching with the black belt, the small waist is displayed without reservation. The belt is also embroidered with a very obvious Chanel logo, which greatly enriches the modeling elements, but also makes the overall shape become more fresh and capable. From the color matching, yellow and black and white form a progressive relationship and a sense of freshness On the one hand, the Yellow backpack on the one hand corresponds with the short sleeves, on the other hand, it also makes the overall shape more complete, bringing the elegant style to the extreme.

Of course, the most eye-catching part of the overall shape is the white wide leg pants. The white wide leg pants have a good drooping feeling, but there is nothing special from the front, and even a little flat. However, there is a mystery on the side. The pure white fabric is spliced with a piece of ultra transparent white lace, forming the sense of perspective clothing, and thus exposed Inside the underwear, coupled with the subtle legs, sexy very high.

Li Jiantong, a 9-year-old son, is more than his mothers shoulder. He looks very pleasant. He wears a white shirt on his upper body and black hook on the cuffs of his short sleeves. Only a little element is added to enrich the design. The design of small Lapel slightly opens to form a V-shaped collar It has a certain effect of stretching the neck visually. With a pair of khaki casual pants on the lower body, it is very comfortable at first sight. Li Jiantong is also very considerate, helping his mother carry things all the way. He has been very gentlemanly at a young age.

Li Jiaxin does not relax her body management because of her age. She often does some fitness exercises to keep her figure. In such a self-discipline situation, she can confidently and boldly put on all kinds of sexy clothes, such as this white open back dress. Her hair is simply tied into a low ponytail, which makes her look very gentle. The whole skirt is made of lace Main, round neck design with loose bat sleeve, looks very elegant. At the same time, the skirt adopts high waist design, which is just to the thigh position. After matching with slippers, you can see the beautiful leg at a glance.

Li Jiaxin, 50, does not change her bold and unrestrained style! I cant hide my underwear in lace X-ray suit. My 9-year-old son is so tall

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