It is the three treasures of Britain, why Burberry can last forever

 It is the three treasures of Britain, why Burberry can last forever

In 1879, Thomas finally invented a strong, waterproof and breathable twill high weave cotton waterproof fabric -- gabardine. Because of its durability, it is widely used and has won the recognition of the market. The fabric, which was patented in 1888, began to be used on a large scale to design and make raincoats for the British army.

In 1891, burberrys first branch opened at 30 hayarket, London. The Boer War broke out in 1899-1902. The weather in South Africa was bad, and the offensive operations in the dranswar area were difficult. Soldiers reported that the water-proof clothes were too heavy to move slowly, so the military chose to purchase new waterproof clothes at such a time point, and the order was of course none other than Burberry. To this end, burberry designed a windbreaker named tielocken for the British army, which became the ancestor of windbreaker today. Because of the armys strong recognition of Burberrys windbreaker, Thomas became a royal franchiser and began to make gabardine windbreaker for the king. And when he needed a windbreaker, Edward VII never said, bring me my windbreaker. But said triumphantly, come on! Bring me my Burberry

In 1901, burberry launched a brand-new Knight brand, in which prosum means to keep forging ahead forever.

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the upgrading of transportation vehicles, burberry began to introduce outdoor sports clothes, such as mountaineering clothes and fishing clothes, which are popular among consumers. In 1910, Claude, the famous pilot in Burberry, flew from London to Manchus in just 24 hours. In 1911, a global sensation made Burberry famous in the world. This year, Norwegian Explorer Col. roal Amundsen led a five person expedition to the south pole, becoming the first person in the world to reach the South Pole. He was equipped with Burberry brand outdoor products and clothing. To prove to later generations that he completed the expedition, he left a Burberry twill tent at the South Pole. As early as 1897, the Explorer Jackson had already worn a Burberry coat and crossed the Arctic circle. After that, Ernest Shackleton, an Irishman, decided to cross the Antarctic continent, and his expedition used Burberrys outdoor products. Not only that, but even the royal family are scrambling to choose Burberry windbreaker. At that time, there was a saying in Britain, if the western sky is shrouded by a huge dark cloud with continuous rain, then all presidents, senior white-collar workers and new entertainment stars will wear Burberry windbreaker.

By 1916, burberry coat had become the uniform of almost all the police in England. In 1919, Captain John Alcock and lieutenant Atherton brown, wearing Burberry crew suits, completed their first 72 hour flight across the Atlantic, claiming that Burberry coats were the warmest clothing.

In 1920, burberry designed military green wool suits for women. In 1924, the check pattern representing Burberry first appeared on the inner lining of windbreaker, and was registered as a trademark in 1967. After that, it was widely used in other products, such as umbrellas and suitcases. In 1926, burberry coat became the uniform of royal guards. In 1930, burberry became the manufacturer of winter skiing sportswear and customized a batch of Burberry ski suits for Swiss Federal companies.

In the past, burberry had only a few basic trench windcoats: almost all beige and with signature lines, and the difference between different styles was very small. In order to enrich its product line, burberry held a womens wear competition in 1935. In 1947, burberry launched a new waterproof mens coat. In 1960, burberrys cotton mens windbreaker coat, commanders coat and womens Plaid tweed Cape, came out at the same time.

In 1967, burberry Paris branch opened, and in the advertising marketing, has taken the big production strategy. In 1970, burberry opened its flagship store on East 57th Street in New York. Besides New York, its chain stores can be seen in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, etc.

If the British royal family made Burberry famous in Europe, then Burberrys further development should be attributed to Japan in the bubble economy era. At that time, Sanyang chamber of Commerce promoted Burberrys popularity in Japan as a local force. They were first introduced to sell windbreaker, and later directly cooperated with Burberry to produce products specially designed for Japanese figure. From Burberry Londons, a symbol of British imports, to blue and black labels, burberrys brands are all sub brands specially created by Burberry for the Japanese local market. In addition, Japanese female star naruhis favor for Burberry products has also led a large number of fans to become Burberrys followers.

However, just as Burberry plans to make a big show, it is also the starting point of its low point since its establishment. From the 1970s to the beginning of 2000, it was 30 years for Burberry to go down. It has made a mistake that many luxury brands, such as LV, will make in the process of expansion: it does not control the balance between scale and brand image. When men and women on the streets wear Burberry plaid, its high-end image as a luxury has disappeared. A typical example of this result is the chav culture, which originated in the 1970s. This is undoubtedly a derogatory term. In the UK, one of the more direct associations it brings to people is that the young people who are not well educated, like to show off and always like to make trouble everywhere, especially those infamous football hooligans in the 1990s.

They often wear Burberrys classic Plaid products from head to toe, and some even spray their cars in a chequered look that looks vulgar and reckless. In some social news, when police arrest drunken football hooligans, a close-up shot of Burberry is often taken.

In 2001, burberry hired designer Christopher_ Bailey is the creative director. In 2006, Angela ahrendts took over as CEO of Burberry. She changed her previous retail strategy and launched online sales mode. Starting in 2010, burberry entered the cosmetics industry and opened Burberry beauty box in Londons Covent Garden. In 2012, burberrys total revenue and main business income doubled from the past five years to $3 billion and $600 million respectively. In 2015, Thomass, the first brand coffee shop in the world, was opened in the flagship store of Burberry Regent Street, providing breakfast, simple meal and afternoon tea. In this years annual report, burberry said that as of the end of March 2018, in order to maintain its value, the group destroyed a total of 28.6 million pounds of inventory, while in 2016 and 2017, the group destroyed 18.8 million pounds and 26.9 million pounds respectively.

Christopher, brand creative director, burberry autumn and winter show in 2018_ Bailey ushered in his curtain call at Burberry. In his 17 years with the company, he created many firsts for Burberry. Under his leadership, burberry returned to the classic line of windbreaker from the female perspective that former designers were good at. It is not difficult for people in the industry or consumers to feel Baileys design features. On a personal level, he was the first luxury group manager to concurrently serve as CEO and creative director, and was as bold as Tim Cook. In terms of business model, he made Burberry the first time to use 3D holographic images as a show; the first to use snapchat and other social media live shows; the first group to use Wu Yifan and other small fresh meat as spokesmen to embrace the millennials; the first to propose to reform the whole fashion industry chain by adopting the show and buy approach; and in 2015, it entered tmall and the first batch to embrace China Luxury brand of e-commerce. Just as he turned the windbreaker back into Burberrys flagship product, Baileys greatest contribution to Burberry was to reshape its British character. This led Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogues American edition, to say that Bailey has made this British fashion brands identity more and more unquantifiable.

Its a pity that after its name change, burberrys transformation is not easy. It is not as dignified as Gucci and Lv. After years of hard work, burberry is still struggling in the ever-changing global luxury market. Within the company, trench windbreaker is recognized as the most exciting and iconic product that must be maintained. Because they are no longer just a windbreaker, they represent the foundation of a great brand and a great company.