The most popular hairstyles in 2020 are beautiful in both length and length

 The most popular hairstyles in 2020 are beautiful in both length and length

Full head perm has always been a kind of hair style preferred by women with less hair volume. It is all permed into curls from hair root to hair tip, which can effectively increase the fluffy degree of the whole hair style and make you become foreign-style and fashionable.

Full head perm can also be matched with different hair colors to make you more beautiful and fashionable. For example, brown hair dyeing is neither exaggeration nor white, which can be said to be suitable for most women.

The hair color of flax is mixed with curly big waves, and some highlights are added. Its very beautiful at a glance. Its hard to be beautiful or not.

2020 styling perm can be said to be very popular perm, the whole hair cut out a sense of hierarchy, according to the need to iron some curvature, good-looking, natural and fashionable.

Modeling hot can also be matched with eight character bangs, the same bangs out of fluffy radian, thin face and fashion, but also can cover a wider forehead, the more you see more fascinated.

For women with narrow forehead and prominent cheekbones, the bangs can be appropriately lengthened, which will give you unexpected effects. The fluffy bangs perfectly decorate the face, but also bring a little hazy beauty, light brown hair dye, elegant, fashionable and temperament.

Half perm

The so-called half head perm is straight up and curled down. The long shawl hair only burns the lower part. The upper part of the hair looks more natural. It wont explode because of perm. Its more convenient to take care of it. The lower part of the hair can be ironed with a C or s curl, which not only increases the feminine beauty, but also is very natural.

Especially for the first time perm, worried about aging women, choose a half head perm is absolutely not wrong, the more hot the more fashionable, simple and elegant does not show old.

Clavicular hairstyle

Clavicle hairstyle is a hairstyle whose hair length is about two centimeters above and below the clavicle. It can be said that it is suitable for most face types, and it is also popular in 2020.

For the heart-shaped face, neck is relatively thin and long, the body is relatively thin women. You can choose this split eight character bangs with a little bit of curling out of the hair tail belt. You can feel the clavicle hairstyle, which can not only effectively cover the wider forehead, but also increase the contour around the neck, which is fashionable and harmonious.

For women with more hair, we can keep the natural straight hair state and add a little inner arc effect to the hair tail. It can be said that it is naturally thin and fashionable. If it is a square face, you can choose the side split oblique bangs, if it is a long face, you can choose the French bangs forward. It looks very casual, but the beauty is just right.

For women with less hair, you can choose this full head perm for collarbone hair, which makes you more beautiful and fashionable.

Wolf tail wind collar bone hair with purple hanging ear dye, sassy and personality.

Three dimensional short hair

Short hair can be said to be the evergreen tree in the hairstyle, especially this kind of three-dimensional short hair, which is capable, fashionable and neat, and can perfectly modify the head shape.

This kind of three-dimensional short hair can effectively increase the puffiness of the back of the head. For women with flat skulls, it also has a very good decoration effect, creating a sense of air lines and a strong sense of hierarchy.

Three dimensional short hair can also shave the hair on the temples to the back of the ear. It looks neat and capable, which is very suitable for clean and tidy female friends.

The above is the 2020 selected popular hairstyles recommended for you today. For female friends who want to change their hair styles during the holidays, I hope they can help you. Remember to leave a message and tell me, which one do you like best?

I need you to be my friend, because you know how to listen to me, pay attention to me, thank you for having you, I hope the future hairstyle road you and I go together!