Turn models and guests into dolls to create the smallest fashion show in Milan!

 Turn models and guests into dolls to create the smallest fashion show in Milan!

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Digital show


Versace 2021 spring and summer series live online show, no audience, only staff to participate. This season, we pay tribute to the ocean inspired spring and summer series of 1992. The show is set to look like the legendary relics of Atlantis, which looks like the underwater Utopia world ruled by Medusa.

Versaces consistent high saturation colorway is really eye-catching, with starfish, coral and shell elements leaping over the clothing.

Ondas skirt is inspired by waves, and the subtle folds in dresses and gowns are like tides. The sea creatures depicted in the iconic tr u00e9 sordella mer print are rejuvenated with bright saturated tones.

The details of seersucker highlight the exquisite craftsmanship, and can still present the pattern perfectly in the complex pleated fabric. The fancy tailoring piece is very flexible.


Tods 2021 spring and summer series is themed with the song running through five rooms in an ancient villa to convey the concept of this series: minimalist personality, returning to the original.

The draped fabric collides with the vibrant colors of summer, which is simple and flexible. The leather strap extending to the ankle and the wild canvas elements burst out infinite vitality!


MOSCHINO, affected by the epidemic, did not hold a show and replaced its models and guests with dolls. Is this the right way to open the show by hand?

Bally2021 spring and summer series is themed by the balance of nature, inspired by the creed of open nature and harmonious coexistence. The exquisite use of natural materials such as micro woven leather, original wine coconut leaf fiber and fine interwoven herbal fiber all highlight the enduring, simple and exquisite craftsmanship.


Entity show


After Raf Simons settled in Prada, Miuccia Prada gave Raf Simons a lot of room to play. The whole seasons clothing has a strong RAF style, avoiding complexity and simplicity, forming the impression of Pradas uniform in Raf Simons mind.

Prada2021 spring and summer womens wear show has changed the previous expensive and delicate style. The hollow out hole design of knitting sense is combined with various a skirt hard and soft coexist. In the 1990s, slim pants, sleeveless tops and long shirts, and triangle logo embedded in the neckline stand out. Most of the colors are decorated in the whole body color, which is simple and generous on the whole.


To reduce waste, Veronica Etro, the creative director of womens wear, has cut the number of dresses this season by about a third. This season, with the theme of Italian Summer, presents a series of classic Riviera style clothes.

The basic fashion spirit of the 1990s has been rediscovered in simple evergreen items: Bermuda casual pants with a bra top and light twill suit coat; swimwear with flanging jeans and metal knot belt embellishment; bikini with button down skirt highlights the new concept of summer wear in retro style.

Knitted suits represent the iconic theme of the collection, while tailored Capri pants and vest are paired with silk scarves to become Mini tops. DENIM DENIM is used for shorts and shirts, while Terry is used to create effortless, modern, versatile tops. The classic commemorative T-shirt was transformed with an embroidered Postcard pattern. The screen is full of strong holiday customs.


This season takes elements from artist Corin sworns theatrical costumes to recreate the retro style of 16th century portraits. In addition to the classic camel color system, spring and summer series add more bright colors and light materials. Practical pockets, buttons, pull ropes and other delicate details are embellished on the classic silhouette, with ochre, shadow color, Tan The vivid and graceful color art is performed.

With full texture of the same color suit, smooth and comfortable cutting design, this seasons fashionable urban girls become more relaxed.


Inspired by the chapter of Walt Whitmans ising the body electric, the spring and summer series of sportsmax 2021 narrates a story of soul through the exploration of skin and body.

This series is full of the tension of a series of contradictory elements. The asymmetric and drooping neckline design of the skirt shows the round shoulders or back, showing the natural and unrestrained sex appeal of women. The overall color is bright and rich, just with the contrast of soft neutral tone to achieve the ideal balance.


The new series combines leisure sports and underwear design inspiration to create a group of refreshing daily wear core pieces with relaxed, friendly and romantic style. After dyeing, fading and re dyeing, denim can inject fresh life into pants. Tailoring creates different silhouettes and matches the details perfectly.

The unique silhouette is the highlight of the season. Double breasted low breasted jacket, slant cut womens suit jacket, hand-made knitwear, suede shirt, shoulder line highlights, reflecting the outline of the chest. Lightweight and refined underwear details add to the new silhouette. Embroidery, lace and hollowed out elements revitalize Chiffon short skirt, cotton embroidered long skirt and tie dyed chiffon evening dress.


Soft, light and sexy set the main tone of Italian brand philosophydi Lorenzo Serafini.

This season will be held in Da Vinci vineyard, one of the most charming gardens in Milan, to open the garden life of romantic girls easily.

The collection includes a crisp cotton shirt with silhouette, Vichy check corset design, neutral tailoring overalls decorated with Lafite flower broochs, rubber rain boots with brush paint patterns, and lunch box like bags. These pieces are overlapped and matched to depict a woman who loves nature and likes painting in the imagination of design director Lorenzo.

Still life exhibition


In the spring and summer of 2021, Bulgari devotes herself to creating a wonderful and dreamy world arkadia21, which will turn impossible into possible. The new season of Serpenti series revolves around three chapters - truth, love and harmony, which will bring serpentines changeable charm to a new level.


Valextra launched a new cross-border creative cooperation project marvles, cooperated with internationally renowned designer and architect Patricia Urquiola, and Italian modern marble pioneer budri. Taking valextas iconic iside handbag as the core of creation, valextra launched 19 new limited edition works.


Mens shoes, this season also subverts the tradition. With uneven proportion and balance, create the design highlights of this season. The seemingly bulky shoes are surprisingly made of ultra lightweight sole materials and accessories.

If the epidemic cant stop you from becoming beautiful, then the fashion industry will usher in a real spring.

The ritual of watching the show is indispensable,