France a-neymar double, mbapes passing and shooting success

 France a-neymar double, mbapes passing and shooting success

Lets play! Neymar picks the ball and plays with 1.6 meters. The villain wears the crotch twice and kills his opponent

I cant catch up with you! Mbape forced to eat Western media twice a day: This is not big Luo!

Paris and anger have met for 13 times in the French first division, and Paris won 9-4 draw against anger and remained unbeaten.

The first 10 minutes, Neymar outside the restricted area after receiving draxlers long-range shot was confiscated by Bernardo Doni. In the 13th minute, Bambas right-hand cross, baoaokangs head shot deviated from the baseline. The 26th minute, the feigini outside the restricted area low Shot attacks the goal the far end baseline. In the 29th minute, fergini blocked the forbidden area directly. Baoaokangs front jumper should be collided with Navas, who stepped on his right leg sock. Baoaokang was warned by a yellow card. Navas continued to enter the game after receiving the team doctors examination.

In the 36th minute, mbapeneche broke into the forbidden area, and then the inverted triangle hit the middle road. Neymar volleyed the ball to the inside of the goal crossbeam and flew into the net. Paris was 2-0 ahead. The 41st minute, Neymar pick pass forbidden area, Florence header attack was saved out of the baseline. In the 42nd minute, kimpenbe went straight into the forbidden area. Before icardi knocked on the door, mbape broke the door with his heel, but the referee whistled to indicate that icardi was offside and the goal was invalid.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides to fight again. In the 47th minute, draxler straddled the right side of the forbidden area, Florence hit in Traores body, slightly changed the line, the ball flew in front of Neymar, Neymar volleyed the goal, and Paris was 3-0 ahead.

In the 52nd minute, anger tactical corner kick, Capels right side oblique pass into the forbidden area, Traore after the point to break the goal, for anger to pull back a ball, 1-3.

The 58th minute, Barker left road passes, the dragles middle road receives the push shot, Paris 4-1 takes the lead. The 67th minute, kapele right side slant passes the forbidden area, Pavlovic header attack the goal to deviate from the baseline.

In the 71st minute, Neymar crossed and divided the ball. Gayets cross belt was adjusted and then shot the long-range goal. The ball rubbed against the defensive player and flew into the goal. Paris was 5-1 ahead.