How to be the prettiest kid in the street without this shirt this autumn and winter

 How to be the prettiest kid in the street without this shirt this autumn and winter

Severe lazy cancer patients with open ribbon is OK, let the ribbon with the wind, Xianqi full!

Or tie a knot at the neckline, let the ribbon naturally vertical down, simple and generous feeling also Hin good-looking~

Brand plays new tricks

Celine 2020 autumn winter series

Elie Saab autumn / winter 2020

Etro has created an exotic Bohemian style with its own prints.

Etro2020 autumn / winter series

In this years autumn and winter collection, the silk ribbon shirt is tied on the side to match a variety of bottoms and coats. It looks gentle, decent and fashionable.

Ports19612020 autumn winter series

Torybruch fall / winter 2020

Most of Saint Laurents Tulle shirts this year also come with lace up. Match with a coarse leather suit or hard leather to balance the sweet and greasy and neutral temperament.

Saint Laurent fall / winter 2020

Bubble sleeve Ribbon Shirt

The combination of streamer shirt and bubble sleeve is a luxurious Victorian retro style. It is elegant and artistic, with girlish flavor and covering the flesh of the arm.

Elie Saab autumn / winter 2020

The blessing of the ribbon makes the colorful and gorgeous patterns more artistic, and a simple detail enriches the level of the whole.

Satin Ribbon Shirt

High quality satin, with a sense of magnificence, is indeed the first choice of ribbon shirt, gorgeous gloss gives the shirt more intellectual aura.

Etro2020 autumn / winter series

Elie Saab autumn / winter 2020

Leather Ribbon Shirt

Ports19612020 autumn winter series

Compared with the ordinary shirt, the ribbon shirt is fashionable and has many bright spots. It is very beautiful to wear it alone, whether it is for work or to go shopping. When it is put in the coat, there is a sense of balance between women and men. When the wind blows, the ribbon will flutter in front of your chest. Is it romantic?

Ribbon Shirt + skirt

Above the knee length of the skirt listening and ribbon shirt is all the way relatives and friends, showing young vitality at the same time, but also some charming bookish air.

If you want to make the shape rich and afraid of being too complicated, the ribbon white shirt with a simple skirt is very suitable.

Ribbon Shirt + wide leg pants

The ribbon shirt and wide leg pants together are super-a, with a professional sense of entering the workplace at the beginning of the 20th generation, which is easier to make people feel good about than ordinary shirts.

The ribbon shirt with wide leg pants and high-heeled shoes can incarnate the beauty of the workplace in one second, creating the feeling of being out of fashion.

Ribbon Shirt + jeans

Of course, you cant miss the versatile jeans and Ribbon Shirt group CP, the shirt hem is tied up, and there is a crisp image in the long and straight.

With a light and thin ribbon shirt and jeans, the collision of two different materials makes the shape more interesting.

Ribbon Shirt + coat

The best use of ribbon shirt is the collar position. Its wonderful to put it in the coat with only a bow on it.

Tie in the side of the bow tie appears ancient spirit, extremely rich in personal color, can reflect the unique careful thinking.

With a little bit of pattern, the black wave dot white shirt is naturally associated with French style. Even if the whole body is armed in place, there will be a kind of freedom and mischievous that you dont care about.

Ribbon Shirt + dress

Ribbon Shirt and slim vest dress together, overlapping each other does not show cumbersome, beautiful curve changes show no doubt, after wearing it like a enlarged version of the doll, exquisite can not be.

The short sleeve dress can also be folded inside. The white edge looks like it is inlaid. The ribbon falls down to lengthen the neck line, which can beautify the face and neck.