These four colors are advanced and eye-catching

 These four colors are advanced and eye-catching

Good color matching is more attractive than the clothes themselves.

And I have always believed that those who play with color are people who know the rules of fashion.

Today, I would like to recommend some color matching for autumn and winter.

Camel color and caramel color


It looks expensive

Camel color system includes khaki, brown, earth color, etc., caramel color is a little darker, more warm tone.

Camel color and caramel color match special test temperament. To be more manageable, you can match it with intermediate colors, such as white and black, without affecting the texture at all.

Best buy camel or caramel


Pay attention to the camel color coat on the workmanship and version is very elegant, if the pilling or version is not good, it appears very cheap, you can try to buy a better quality, not outdated for a long time.

Red + blue


Can replace the classic red + black

It used to be said that red and black are classics, because the silence of black can neutralize the fiery red.

This year might as well try Red + blue, blue quiet can completely replace black.

Girl heart girls can try Pink + light blue, the sense of youth playfulness beyond words.

The best red item to buy

Sweater, sweater

The street sense of the sweater makes the red more lively, and the warmth of the sweater will not be as imposing as the wide leg pants, which makes people want to be close.


A low-key and introverted sense of high-level

The Yellow here is not the bright yellow with reflective effect in summer, or the grandiose fluorescent yellow, but with a little warm tone, which is most suitable for autumn and winter.

With a low-key black, silent high-level sense written on the body, quietly earn enough attention.

This combination is still very selective skin color. If you want to wear it, you must bring makeup. If you are plain faced, it will be a waste of careful collocation.

The best yellow item to buy

Windbreaker with wind can increase the elegant feeling of turmeric, not too cold. Warm yellow Tiaojiao skirt shirt is the most mature woman charm.

Green + white

The most lively combination of autumn and winter

Most of the colors in autumn and winter are warm. Whether its the popular color or the weather, a touch of green can make the mood happy.

Although the green is unique, but also too picky, so the best way is to use white to match.

The best green item to buy

For the dark green and bright green that is hard to control, it is best to choose a piece far away from the face. Such as accessories, skirts and trousers.

One of the most recommended is versatile green wide leg pants, and gentle and elegant pleated skirt.

Color matching is the flowing poetry.

The taste and taste of autumn and winter collocation are all in the color matching. Go ahead and try~

I dont know where people will go on national day, or just enjoy the holiday at home.

If you want to use color to decorate different states. I think the day at home should have a light and delicate gray blue, such as singing and singing, to soothe the depression and unhappiness of the past six months.

And go out to play the day, should be full-bodied publicity color department, every day there are surprises and expectations.

No matter what kind of state we choose, we all hope to have a wisp of color, such as winter sunshine, such as snow and thin sand, which can light up the darkness and smooth the unbearable.