Hudson has been granted a visa. He will come to China on June 6 to compete at the latest in early November

 Hudson has been granted a visa. He will come to China on June 6 to compete at the latest in early November

In addition to Harriss return date has been determined, the second foreign aid association of Shandong mens basketball team is Hudson. At present, he has obtained a visa, and it is estimated that he will fly to China around October 6. If all goes well, Hudson is expected to arrive in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, around October 20, and join Shandong mens basketball team. Hudson will be able to enter the competition at the latest in early November.

The position of big foreign aid is former Shanxi Xindas foreign aid girenwater. The foreign aid department is a power forward. He weighs 105 kg, but is only 2.05 meters tall. He belongs to the short and strong interior line. According to the team, Shandong mens basketball team has signed a contract with Gillenwater. He is still waiting for a visa, and when he will return to the team is still uncertain.

According to the current news, double small foreign aid Harris and Hudson are the foreign aid that the team has decided to return to, and the big foreign aid Gillenwater is likely to be the backhand, that is to say, after the league starts for a period of time, the foreign team can arrive at the team. In the opening stage, coach Gong Xiaobin mainly relies on Harris, and the state of the core foreign aid Hudson after his return largely determines the teams performance in the new season.

Previously, the schedule of the CBA regular season of the new season was exposed. The first round of Shandong Xiwang mens basketball team was against Beijing control mens basketball team on the night of October 19, and the second round was against Liaoning mens basketball team. At that time, the trade between Zhu Rongzhen, Gao Shiyan and Guo Xu will naturally attract a lot of attention.

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