Gao Shiyan: lay particular stress on defense in Liaoning, come to Shandong and hope to show the attack

 Gao Shiyan: lay particular stress on defense in Liaoning, come to Shandong and hope to show the attack

In addition, the visa for Hardson, the core foreign aid, has been approved. It is expected that three to five games after the start of the new season will be absent. He will be able to go directly to Zhejiang Province around October 20 to meet with Shandong mens basketball team. In addition, with the recovery training time, it is expected that the competition at the end of October will definitely be available. Two small foreign aid to the team, also let the new seasons West Wang mens basketball match field has the backbone, which is naturally good news for the team.

In addition to the double small foreign aid, the big foreign aid has also been finalized. It is jilenwater who performed well in Xinda, Shaanxi Province. This foreign aid is 31 years old, 2.05 meters tall and weighs 104 kg. He is a center. In 2017 and 2018, Gillenwater led Shaanxi Xinda team to complete the two consecutive NBL titles, and he was the MVP of the finals.

In addition, the new season Shandong mens basketball team ushered in Gao Shiyan, Guo Xu, Liu Yi, Jing Haoyang and other new players to join the team. At present, they are also integrated into the team. Among them, on weekends, Gao Shiyan and Guo Xu often go to the gymnasium alone to practice shooting. Gao Shiyan told reporters of Shandong TV sports channel, when I came, I felt that everyone was helping me to integrate into the team, and I was also slowly adapting to the team. No matter where I played, I needed to improve slowly and everyone should improve together. In Liaoning, I still lay particular emphasis on defense. This time I come to Shandong, I also hope that I can show something different from before in attack

Liu Yi, a college student player, said that next he still needed to improve his physical fitness and shooting skills, and strive to do his part for the team in the new season. He also introduced his own style, my playing style is relatively tough, dare to fight, belongs to the system player, and will not occupy too many ball rights. I hope I will do my part for the team and play on the field in the new season Its your own characteristics.

About Ding Yanyu hang, now is a single individual shooting and rehabilitation training, has not returned to the team. After the start of the new season league, Xiaoding will definitely not play. As soon as December, Xiaoding is expected to recover and return to the CBA arena.

Shandong TV sports channel Xu Kaihua

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