Russia wins 0-2 reversal! The Chinese womens volleyball team is the most burning one, but it was just missed by the Hong Kong director

 Russia wins 0-2 reversal! The Chinese womens volleyball team is the most burning one, but it was just missed by the Hong Kong director

However, it is a pity that the film missed the whole process of Chinas womens volleyball teams reversion to win the championship in 2004, which is exactly the memory of a generation about womens volleyball. 16 years ago, the Chinese womens volleyball team led by Chen Zhonghe pointed to Athens with the potential to win the world cup. As a result, the United States only played three minutes in the first game to lose the main auxiliary attack Zhao ruiruirui, and lost 2-3 in the third group match to Cuba, which hit the Championship repeatedly. However, in the difficult situation, the Chinese womens volleyball team made a comeback from nowhere, overcame many difficulties and made it to the top eight as the groups first. In the semi-final, the Chinese womens volleyball team took revenge on Cuba, and in the final, it faced Russias 0-2 backwardness and rebounded to the top. Although it has been 16 years, but now recalling the scenes of the Athens Olympic Games, there is still a sense of blood spurting.

In the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, after Lang Ping left, the Chinese womens volleyball team failed to catch up, and the overall performance was not satisfactory. He only managed to achieve the goal of six guarantees. He lost three consecutive games in the group match. Russia swept 0-3 in the quarter final, which was greatly criticized. It directly led to the termination of Hu Jins class, and the old players left the team one after another. The team changed blood from top to bottom.

In 2003, the young Chinese womens volleyball team rose again, won the world cup champion in Japan, and again ascended the world championship after 17 years. The new generation of Chinese womens volleyball team with Yang Hao, Zhou Suhong, Feng Kun and Zhao Ruirui as the core is aimed at hitting the Olympic gold medal in 2004.

However, the group draw results hit, Chinas grouping situation is not favorable, with the United States, Russia, Cuba, Germany and Dominica in the same group. At that time, four of the six best womens volleyball teams in China, the United States, Russia and Cuba were divided into the same group. It is not too much to call them the death group. Russian online strength is outstanding, atamolova and gamovas high point attack, back attack and jump serve threat greatly. Under the guidance of Japanese coach MINMING Yoshida, the U.S. team has integrated the quick changing tactics with the characteristics of European, American and Asian teams. Cuba, the three time defending champion and the old strong force, is still in the world, with outstanding physical quality and excellent bounce. Although the Chinese team has become the world cup champion, but the main attack position is slightly thin, the backup lineup lacks characteristic players, of course, the biggest trouble also comes from Zhao ruiruiruis injury. As the most solid barrier of Chinese womens volleyball network, Zhao ruiruirui accidentally fractured her leg during training. Although she recovered actively and barely got on the last bus of the Olympic Games, there are still great doubts about the state of Zhao ruiruirui.

Zhao ruiruirui, who had been injured for a long time, was put into the starting line-up in the first game of the Olympic group match. This decision seemed very controversial at that time. After all, he had just returned to play the main force in such an important first game of the Olympic Games, and faced with such a powerful opponent as the United States team, whether Zhao ruiruiruirui can bear such a huge pressure is really a big question mark. Facts have proved that it was too risky to let Zhao Ruirui start with a long leg guard board tied to his leg. Zhao ruiruirui only appeared for 3 minutes and finished a back flight at position 2. After landing, he was completely frozen and seriously injured again. He was carried out by the staff on a stretcher and was directly sent to the hospital. At that time, I heard the sound of click , and I felt it was no longer possible. Zhao ruiruirui said that although there was no need for surgery, her injury was diagnosed as a bone fracture under heavy pressure, and she bid farewell to the Olympic Games.

Maybe I shouldnt have brought Zhao ruiruirui here, let alone let her play. If shes really hurt badly, its going to be too hard! Chen Zhonghes face was full of regret after the game, and his tone even had some self blame. However, when Zhao ruiruirui was carried to the stage, Chen Zhonghes face was not different. He didnt want to affect the mood of the players because of the sudden accident. China team is also worthy of being the world cup champion. It overcame the unexpected situation of Zhao ruiruiruis accidental injury. Zhang Ping, who replaced Zhao Ruirui, played a good substitute role. The whole team also played a steady role. Relying on changeable tactics and old-fashioned experience, the Chinese team withstood the attack of the United States team, won 3-1 and made a good start in the Olympic Games.

The Chinese team wins in full preparation, good mentality and desire to win. The winner of this game must be a team that plays well on the spot, has a good attitude adjustment and plays with momentum. We have done well in these aspects, so we won Chen Zhonghe concluded that taking advantage of the U.S. team greatly boosted the teams morale. Zhao Ruiruis reimbursement also let the team members completely put down their expectations of her return. In the second game, Chinas womens volleyball team crushed the strength of the Central American team Dominica and won two consecutive victories by winning 3-0 in straight sets.

In the third game, China ushered in the third defending champion Cuba team. In the 21st century, a number of Cuba veterans retired one after another, and their strength declined. In 2004, China and Cuba met four times, and the Chinese team kept a total victory, with two games of 3-0 zero. After winning the first two games, the Chinese team showed a good momentum of getting better and better. In terms of tactical play, Zhao ruiruiruis vacancy was made up by reasonable adjustment of tactics. However, Cuba team lost the first battle to the average German team. Although the second game narrowly defeated Russia, it was generally believed that the Chinese team still had an obvious advantage, but the process of the game was greatly unexpected. In the match, the first pass system of Chinese team was scattered by the service of Cuba team Baros, lacking of effective measures to deal with, and his own attack organization also had problems. Feng Kun, the leader of the second setter, did not play a series role. As a result, he was reversed by his opponent 3-2 when he was 2-1 in the first three sets, and was rarely defeated in the decisive set.

Chen Zhonghe admitted that the absolute strength of the Chinese team still has defects. We are relatively comprehensive, but the problem is that the strength is not enough, that is to say, in the key links, when the competition situation is not ideal, it is relatively fragile. Once the opponents serve breaks us down, we cant use our tactics when there is no pass. The attack cant constitute a threat to the other side. Our mentality cant be controlled, and the quality of blocking has also declined Chen Zhonghe did not name the team leader Feng Kun, but Feng Kuns condition was not good. Everyone saw that if the substitute song Nina played well, the Chinese team might not have been able to hold on to the fifth inning, but fortunately, this is only a group match, even if losing one game, it will not affect the groups qualification.

In the fourth game, facing the German team which made rapid progress, the Chinese team quickly got rid of the shadow of the previous games failure, gave full play to its fast and changeable technical characteristics, and completely restrained the opponents main attack point Glenns play. At most, the opponent only got 18 points in one game, and easily continued the next three games. The whole game took a little more than an hour, and beat the German team 3-0, which was convincing to the opponents.

In the last group match, China ushered in a powerful Russia. At that time, as long as the Chinese team defeated Russia, it would win the first place in the group, thus occupying an advantageous position against Japan in the second round. If the defeat depends on the results of the United States and Cuba, the quarter final opponents may be Italy or South Korea, the champion of the 2002 World Championships.

The same 3-win-1 defeat was originally considered as a strong collision between China and Russia, but Russia did not show the slightest style of a strong team. Chinas offensive momentum completely penetrated the opponents psychological defense line and successfully restrained gamovas strong point. After winning the first two sets easily, the third set withstood Russias counterattack and killed it 3-0 cleanly The opponent. I didnt expect to win so easily. Our position is very good, based on the impact of the opponent, so the mentality is better, in order to show our own things in the game as far as possible. In Chen Zhonghes opinion, the 3-0 victory over Russia was the most beautiful game played by Chinese team when they came to Athens. This victory will certainly have a positive impact on the teams morale and confidence. In the outside world, after easily beating Russia, the Chinese womens volleyball team has made another step towards the goal of winning the Olympic gold medal. It seems that no one can stop them from advancing Step.

If I go up against the Japanese team, I can win with my old arms and legs? Before the quarter finals of the Chinese and Japanese womens volleyball team, Lang Ping joked with Chen Zhonghe. Although its just a joke, its not difficult to see the optimism of Chinas winning the war between China and Japan and entering the top four. Obviously, the match between China and Japan is the least suspenseful one in the quarter finals. The indomitable fighting spirit and excellent back row defense of the Japanese team are not enough to offset the obvious advantages of the Chinese team in terms of technology, psychology and overall strength. It is another 3-0, with three consecutive games without losing a game. China easily eliminated its opponents and made it to the semi-final of the Olympic Games after eight years u3002

We are very confident, the Japanese team is very tenacious in the top three games, but we are not loose ourselves. We are much better now, confident to go further. Chen Zhonghe revealed his secret script of restraining his opponents. Although he won easily, the team members still kept a clear mind, the real opponent has not appeared yet! In the next game, we have to put ourselves in a good mood and fight for every game The main attack Yang Hao said the heart of the whole team, everyone knows that the goal of the Chinese womens volleyball team is not limited to this.

In the semi-final, the Chinese team once again ushered in the group match and defeated its own Cuba team, which unexpectedly beat the world championship champion Italy 3-2. Cuba team is a team with obvious advantages and disadvantages. It has strong online attack power. Luis and Torres have unique advantages in waist, abdomen and upper limb strength of Latin American players. Their jumping height and smashing power are amazing. However, Cuba team also has a fatal defect, that is, poor psychological quality. Once the game is not smooth, there will be a big mood fluctuation, which will collapse in the game Thousands of miles. How to restrain Cubas jumping and strong attack, and play its own flexible tactics, is the key to Chinas victory. Putting aside the worries about whether we can get the qualification right of the group, I think it was good for China to lose one game to Cuba at that time. In a few days, when we met Cuba again, I believe that what the players lost was some contempt and arrogance hidden in their hearts, and what they gained was the lessons of failure and the great importance they attached to their opponents Chen Zhonghe believes that the Chinese womens volleyball team will not fall twice in the same place, and the girls do.

At the beginning of the game, the Chinese team, which entered into a fast state, grasped the opportunity of key points and won two sets first. However, Cuba team did not give up lightly, and then accelerated the pace of attack, relying on the powerful attack to pull two sets. In the decisive game, the Chinese team stabilized the situation in time and soon gained a 5-1 lead. The Chinese teams fast-paced attack left the opponent helpless, and the blocking of Cuba teams strong attack was also quite effective. The opponent had nothing to do but watch the score gap widen. Although the Cuba team saved two match points, Yang Haos fatal blow ended the thrilling game. Chinas 3-2 revenge ended the dynastic rule of Cubas womens volleyball team and made it to the Olympic final again after 1996.

However, it is not the United States, Italy and Brazil who are considered to be the obstacles to win the championship before the match. Russia, which has a poor record in the past two years, unexpectedly made it to the final. In the semi-final, they reversed Brazil 3-2. This final will be very difficult to play. It is much harder than the group match. In the group match, we played very well against Russia. They are fast Change this link did not stop us, but the final opponents in the mentality will be better, because they lost to us, there will be no burden, we need to adjust in mind, or to correct the mentality, based on the impact of opponents. Chen Zhonghe thought that the final would be against Brazil, but Russia recovered four or five match points to complete the big reversal. to be able to turn the table, it proves that Russia is really experienced and has not lost in such a situation that it is about to lose. I think it is very powerful.

In front of the Chinese womens volleyball team, it is to win the Olympic champion again after 20 years. It is also the only hope for Chinas collective event to win a gold medal in the Athens Olympic Games. It is also the key battle between the Chinese and Russian delegation in the gold medal list. We cant be as smooth as winning Russia in the group competition. Our opponents may be crazy, but as long as we firmly believe in our own Things, play our fast change, let the opponent move with us, the victory will be ours Chen Zhonghe is very confident in the players, but as he expected before the game, Russia really went crazy in the first two sets.

At 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on August 29, 2004, China and Russia played the final of the Athens Olympic womens volleyball team. In the first set, the two teams stable pass ensured the success rate of the first attack. The score was once sticky. With the Chinese team taking the lead of 23-21, the Chinese team missed the opportunity to be drawn 24 by the opponent, and the two sides had been fighting until 28. Russia won the first attack with 30-28 relying on gamovas two strong attacks. In the second set, the two teams took the lead alternately, and to the last moment, Zhang Pings serve fault made the Chinese team miss the set point. As a result, Russia once again relied on gamovas back attack to make another city 27-25.

2-0, this is the Chinese team in Athens has never encountered the situation, but Chen Zhonghes a move, played an important role at this time.

In fact, at the end of the second set, Chen Zhonghe replaced Wang Lina with Zhang Yuehong. Although the Chinese team failed to win the second set, it also laid the foundation for the subsequent counter offensive. In the third inning, Zhang Yuehongs performance was getting better and better. Her excellent performance helped the Chinese team to gain advantages and directly led to the attack of the whole team. For Zhang Yuehong, who rarely plays the main force, Russian team coach Karl Pori obviously has no targeted blocking and defense deployment, which leads to Zhang Yuehongs breakthrough and disrupts Russias blocking rhythm.

In the process of restraining and anti restraining the conversion of attack and defense, the Chinese team gradually got rid of the passivity of the first two sets, and the blocking of the Chinese team also gradually improved, which restricted the strong attack of Russia and pulled two sets with 25-20 and 25-23. In the decisive set, Russia, which was chased to 2-2 after 2-0, was greatly affected in morale, and the attack line was more monotonous. Facing the opponents high-altitude tactics, the Chinese team was more and more targeted in blocking and defense, and the attack in the decisive game also entered into the best state. The main attack Yang Hao and the two secondary attackers Liu Yanan and Zhang Ping repeatedly broke through, and the Chinese team took the lead all the way, at 14-1 2. After getting match point, several rounds of attack and defense conversion, and finally by Zhang Yuehong in the fourth position of a strong attack, 15-12 to lock the victory.

This is such a close match, even a suffocating final. China and Russia have drawn as many as 50 times in total. In the passive situation of losing two sets first, the Chinese womens volleyball team still dares to fight and is not discouraged. Zhang Yuehong, the substitute main attacker, plays an important role and gets the third most 15 points in the match (Zhou Suhong). Zhang Ping alone has 25 points, becoming the biggest meritorious official. Yang Hao has 21 points Russias attack on both ends of the net is not easy to suppress. Chinas attack team with 14 points is not easy. After 20 years, the Chinese womens volleyball team finally stood on the highest podium of the Olympic Games.

It was really exciting for me to come back from two games behind. It was really hard at that time. Chen Zhonghe, who became the Olympic champion coach, said incoherently: I want to say that our hard work is not in vain, and our efforts have finally been rewarded. After experiencing the pain of let the ball in 2002 World Championships, China Womens volleyball team won the world cup in 2003 and came back to the top of the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. Zhao ruiruirui was injured in the first three minutes. After losing to Cuba in the group competition, the Chinese womens volleyball team, which was 0-2 behind in the final, completed the 3-2 reversal to the top. Chen Zhonghes Chinese womens volleyball team created the fifth consecutive championship in the 1980s Once again brilliant.

Chinese womens volleyball teams 12 person lineup for Athens Olympic Games

Feng Kun, Yang Hao, Liu Yanan, Li Shan, Zhou Suhong, Zhao Ruirui, Zhang Yuehong, Chen Jing, song Nina, Wang Lina, Zhang Na, Zhang Ping

China Womens volleyball team winning the Athens Olympic Games

Group competition

China vs US 3-1 (25-21, 23-25, 25-22, 25-18)

China vs Dominica 3-0 (25-20, 25-16, 25-16)

China vs Cuba 2-3 (19-25, 25-22, 25-22, 25-15, 21-25, 13-15) China vs Germany 3-0 (25-18, 25-15, 25-16) China vs Russia 3-0 (25-15, 25-16, 28-26) 1 / 4 final China vs Japan 3-0 (25-20, 25-22, 25-20) semi-final China vs Cuba Cuba 3-2 (25-22, 25-20, 17-25, 25-25, 23-25, 15-10) finals China vs Cuba 3-2 (25-22, 25-20, 17-25, 23-25, 15-10) final China vs Russia 3-2 (28-30, 25-27, 25-20, 25-25, 25-25, 23-25, 15-10) final China vs Russia 3-2 (28-source: Houchang village sports workers Team Author: Leon, editor in charge: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573

China vs Cuba 2-3 (19-25, 25-22, 25-15, 21-25, 13-15)

China vs Russia 3-0 (25-15, 25-16, 28-26)

China vs Cuba 3-2 (25-22, 25-20, 17-25, 23-25, 15-10)

China vs Russia 3-2 (28-30, 25-27, 25-20, 25-22, 15-12)