Gates opposed not selling chips to China

 Gates opposed not selling chips to China

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President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: turning the American neck list into a list of scientific research tasks

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President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: turning the US neck list into a list of scientific research tasks (source: Peoples daily, peoples daily)

The president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the US neck list should be changed into a list of scientific research tasks. Its not good to be stuck in the neck. Foreign countries can do it. Cant Chinese do it? Aiming at the goal, gathering intelligence to tackle key problems, marching into the breadth and depth of science and technology; following the law of scientific development and cultivating the soil for innovation, scientific and technological innovation will be able to gush out. Clench your teeth, take out the spirit of two bombs and one star in those years, and finally be able to make a comeback!

Semiconductor Association of America: more than 73% of American chips can be replaced by products from other countries

On August 17, the U.S. Department of commerce further tightened restrictions on Huaweis access to U.S. technology, and listed 38 Huawei subsidiaries in 21 countries and regions in the entity list, and stipulated license requirements for all projects subject to ear. In addition, Reuters reported that U.S. Defense Department officials said the trump administration was considering adding SMIC, Chinas largest chip manufacturer, to the entity list.

In response, Taiwan media DIGITIMES said that even if China had to spend 10 years, it would gradually replace us chip designers, chip software developers and semiconductor equipment manufacturers, and drive American suppliers out of the Chinese market.

In addition, according to the report, a few days ago, the American Semiconductor Association (SIA) pointed out in a report submitted to the US Department of commerce that more than 73% of us chips can be replaced by products from other countries. Cutting off Huaweis acquisition of us chip manufacturers shipment will not only greatly reduce the revenue of American manufacturers, but also relatively reduce the R & D budget of American manufacturers for reinvestment, and gradually weaken their competitiveness Under this, the US semiconductor market share will gradually decline.

In addition, SIA also stressed that Chinas market is the fastest growing market in the world and one of the largest markets in the U.S. semiconductor industry, with annual trading volume accounting for nearly one third of the total revenue of us semiconductor manufacturers. The sanctions against Chinese manufacturers over a wide range may shrink the US manufacturers by as much as 37%, which will greatly reduce the global market share by about 18%. Such a ban will undoubtedly destroy the US semiconductor industry.

Extended reading of the new iPad air: starting at 800, has A14 value! It is said that trump will adjudicate the transaction between tiktok and Oracle within 24-36 hours, and Huawei chips will be cut off. The next days news broadcast will disclose important news. Source: pear video editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541