WCBA National Day unveiling Yao Ming: show the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese Basketball Players

 WCBA National Day unveiling Yao Ming: show the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese Basketball Players

New express reporter Gao Jing

Set up a three person basketball match, no foreign aid

Affected by the epidemic, last seasons WCBA was suspended after the 18th regular round, and then had to end early in June this year. In just a few months, the League of 2020-2021 season officially opened.

This years League is relatively special. Considering the preparation work for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the WCBA league season has been shortened to more than three months, and the competition will be conducted in the form of competition system. The first stage (October 1-30) of the regular season will be held in Chengdu, and the second stage (December 1-21) will be held in Hohhot.

According to the results of each team, the top 12 in the regular season will enter the playoffs, and the playoffs will start from December 26 to January 5 next year. The specific venue will be selected according to the situation of the regular season division. Due to the epidemic situation, there will be no foreign aid in this years WCBA League, so it also puts forward higher requirements for the local players of each team.

In addition, one of the biggest changes in WCBA this year is the introduction of three player basketball. It is reported that the members of the coaching team of each team in the three person basketball match are the same as those of the league, and players of all teams can participate. The regular round and match of three player basketball and five-a-side match are the same, and will be held on the second day of the five-a-side game. This also means that each team in the daily training, but also need to increase the three person basketball practice.

It is reported that this seasons WCBA has formulated strict epidemic prevention measures, and closed management has been implemented for sports teams, referees, recorders and media reporters belonging to the green zone.

Guangdong Womens basketball team of Three Kingdoms to aid Inner Mongolia team

This summer, three national players of Guangdong Womens basketball team, Li Yueru, Huang Sijing and Yang Liwei, were exchanged to Inner Mongolia womens basketball team. These three players are the core members of Guangdong team to win the League Championship in 2018-2019. Their arrival will greatly enhance the strength of Inner Mongolia team. In addition, Zheng Wei, assistant coach of Guangdong team and assistant coach of national womens basketball team, is also the coach of Inner Mongolia womens basketball team in the new season. At the same time, Chinese player Li Yuan will also play for Inner Mongolia team in the new season.

As the new army of WCBA, Inner Mongolia womens basketball team ranked tenth last season. After several strong reinforcements joined, the team suddenly became the hot spot to win the championship. Yesterday, Inner Mongolia womens basketball team easily beat Hebei womens basketball team with 103:59 in the first match. Li Yueru scored 28 points and 14 rebounds, Yang Liwei scored 11 points and 7 assists, Wei Wei also had 12 points and 9 rebounds. In the whole game, Inner Mongolia womens basketball team won 54 rebounds, while Hebei womens basketball team only got 20 rebounds.

With the departure of several core members, Guangdong Womens basketball team will focus on training new players in the new season. According to the schedule, the first game of Guangdong Womens basketball team will be played separately at 4:30 p.m. on October 3 against Zhejiang womens basketball team.

Source: new express, author: Gao Jing, editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098