Fudan pediatric professional team has been stationed in the soybean vaccine platform to guide the vaccination of special children

 Fudan pediatric professional team has been stationed in the soybean vaccine platform to guide the vaccination of special children

In order to serve such special children as Ms. Wangs baby, in July this year, xiaodoumiao and Fudan Pediatrics jointly created the consultation service function of vaccination for special children officially launched. Six Fudan pediatrician teams answered questions about vaccines for special children online. Only two months after the launch, they have helped hundreds of special children.

Special children need more vaccination

Vaccination is the most economical and effective means to prevent and control infectious diseases. However, children with special health conditions, such as children with blood diseases, premature infants, patients with congenital heart disease and children with rare diseases, may have low immune function due to various reasons. In the past, many children with special health conditions gave up vaccination because of concerns about the risks of vaccination. But instead, children with special conditions whose resistance is lower than that of healthy people are placed in a high-risk environment of infectious diseases. Therefore, children with special conditions need more vaccine protection than other children.

However, due to the lack of clear vaccine instructions, lack of unified national vaccination taboo judgment, involving multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary clinical knowledge, it is difficult for outpatient vaccination doctors to accurately determine whether these children can be vaccinated and how to vaccinate. However, not all diseases and medications affect vaccination, which needs to be judged on a case by case basis.

You can ask questions about vaccination at home

In order to provide scientific vaccination guidance for these children, as early as 2017, Fudan Pediatrics opened the first vaccination evaluation clinic for children with special health status in China. A team of 10 experts from the infectious diseases department, the Department of immunology, and the special diagnosis and treatment center provide professional guidance for the vaccination of special children, including the follow-up and evaluation of the protection effect, the provision of individualized vaccination programs and vaccination services, the reasonable assessment and disposal of the abnormal reactions after vaccination, and the professional explanation for parents on the vaccine related issues. The requirement of professional ability in vaccination evaluation clinic is very high. Doctors should understand both disease and vaccine. In order to enable more special children to receive scientific vaccination, especially those in economically underdeveloped areas to receive the guidance of experts from first tier cities, as a professional one-stop service platform for vaccination, xiaodoumiao app introduces the consultation service of vaccination for special children of Fudan pediatrics. The opening of this special channel enables parents to connect with pediatricians online to solve the problem of childrens vaccination. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485