Yu Chengdong: mate40 is released. Please wait a moment. We will arrive as scheduled

 Yu Chengdong: mate40 is released. Please wait a moment. We will arrive as scheduled

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At the ifa2020 held in Germany in early September, Huawei did not release a new generation of Kirin chips or other new products as usual. According to the rules of previous years, Huawei usually launches Kirin chips at IFA and releases its flagship mate series at the end of September. It is understood that Huawei is still inclined to hold an independent press conference for Kirin chip in China, because the chip was not announced at this years developer conference.

This year, mate 40 will carry Huaweis self-developed chip Kirin 9000. According to Yu Chengdong earlier, TSMC did not accept orders after September 15, so Kirin 9000 may be the last generation of Huaweis Kirin high-end chip. With the deadline of September 15 approaching, some overseas suppliers of Huawei, including Samsung, SK Hynix and micron, will be unable to continue cooperation with Huawei after 15 days, unless their export application is approved by the US Department of Commerce.

Li Weijia, editor of shell finance reporter Lu Yifu, proofread Li Ming

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heroically tragic! Huawei or chartered plane to transport all Kirin chips back from Taiwan

September 15 is the day when the United States began to implement a full-scale cut-off of Huawei chips. According to the latest news from foreign media, Hisilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei, recently rushed to ship the chips out before the delivery deadline to alleviate the chip crisis faced by Huawei! According to industry sources, Huawei Hisilicon will package a special cargo plane to Taiwan in the next few days to ship Kirin and related chips back to all chips before September 14.

Huawei chartered to pull chips from TSMC and other manufacturers

The U.S. ban on Huawei will take effect on June 15, and semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC and MediaTek are rushing to deliver. According to an industry source quoted by Taiwans liberty times, the ban has entered the countdown stage. Recently, Hisilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei, has made a large sum of money to pack a special cargo plane with a Shun brand name, so as to rush to Taiwan to transport the chips before the delivery time, so as to increase the stock of goods to be prepared.

According to the semiconductor industry, the production cycle of the chip is at least two to three months. In order to ship the chips out of Taiwan before the deadline, some Huawei suppliers also deliver the chips that have not been sealed and tested before the deadline to the mainland. As for the chips that cant be delivered in time, its reported in the industry that Hisilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei, has recently made a large sum of money to transport all the chips ordered.

The report pointed out that in the past, Hisilicon has never chartered flights to deliver chips. The industry speculates that the cost of the special plane is about NT $6 million to NT $7 million (equivalent to about HK $1.584 million to HK $1.848 million), and the tariff and airport ground charges of the two places are not included, so the cost is high.

According to the source, Huawei is unlikely to do so if it does not see the easing of the ban or the extension of time. This is equivalent to directly cutting off the relationship with the cooperative manufacturers. No one can tell whether Huawei can continue to cooperate with these manufacturers in the future, and they can only make the worst plan.

On May 15, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced strengthening export controls and asked TSMC to stop accepting new orders from Huawei. The accepted orders will be shipped before September 15, and subsequent orders will require U.S. permission for export.

On September 10, the technology involved in the chip issue is very complicated. Huawei must have difficulties in this respect. There is no doubt. On the same day, Wang Chenglu, President of Huaweis consumer business software department, said in an interview with the media during the Huawei developer conference that all industries in China should wake up from the chip issue, right? Chip problems give enterprises reflection, no choice is the best choice. On the contrary, restrictions give us a very good opportunity to coexist danger and opportunity.

Huawei Kirin 9000 has about 10 million pieces in stock

Or support half a year

According to reports, Huang Haifeng, a senior independent analyst in the communications industry, said in an interview recently that Huang Haifeng, an independent analyst in the communications industry, said that Huaweis last generation high-end chip Kirin 9000 has a stock volume of about 10 million pieces, which also means that about 10 million Huawei mate40 / Pro mobile phones can use this chip, which may be able to support the left and right for half a year. When the stock is used up, Huaweis mobile phone business, especially the high-end mobile phone business, will soon encounter great challenges.

He said that China has made more achievements in the field of chip design, especially in the chips produced by Huawei Hisilicon, but there are still obvious shortcomings in other links, especially in the field of chip manufacturing.

It is undeniable that China is still good at design in the chip field, but manufacturing is still a big problem. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huaweis consumer business, also said frankly, the only problem now is production. Huawei has no way to produce. Chinese enterprises have only done design in the process of globalization, which is also a lesson.

Indeed, if Huawei runs out of reserve chips, it can only buy third-party chips. If the third party is banned by the United States, Huawei will face the situation of no core available.

Yu Chengdong, Huaweis terminal CEO, said recently that Kirin 9000 chips will only be produced until September 15 and will be on the market, but the number is limited.

But its a pity that in the second round of sanctions in the United States, we only accepted orders for chip production before September 15, and production was cut off on September 15. So this year may be the last generation of Huawei Kirins high-end chips. Yu Chengdong said helplessly.

Samsung, Hynix and other South Korean enterprises will also cut off supply

September 9 according to South Korean media reports, Samsung and SK Hynix will stop selling parts to China from September 15. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronicss Samsung and LG displays are expected to stop supplying panels to Huaweis high-end smartphones from September 15.

According to the Korean daily, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have been active in their deals with Huawei. Huawei accounted for 3.2% of Samsungs sales last year, about 7.37 trillion won (1 yuan, about 173 won), and SK Hynixs sales to Huawei accounted for 11.4%, about 3 trillion won, according to an analysis by the Korean securities industry. East Asia daily believes that Huawei, as the core export object of South Koreas memory chip industry, if Huawei is cut off supply for a long time, it will inevitably cause a blow to the South Korean semiconductor industry. The report also said that if Huawei is cut off supply, the price of memory chips will drop more.

In addition to chips, Yonhap said on the 9th that Samsung display and lgdisplay will also stop supplying high-end smart phone panels to China from the 15th. It is said that since the panel driver chip belongs to the target of sanctions, the display panel is also listed in the sanctions category.

How does Huawei break through?

On the eve of the USs cut off supply of Huaweis chips, Huawei launched a breakthrough battle, released Hongmeng 2.0, expounded Huaweis ecology, and clearly indicated that it would fully support carrying Hongmeng system in mobile phones next year.

Wang Chenglu, President of the software department of Huaweis consumer business, responded, I dont know if it will decline next year, at least not now, and maintain a very rapid growth. The difficulties we are facing are certainly challenging, but I believe that solutions can be found.

According to Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huaweis consumer business, in the first half of 2020, Huawei will deliver 105 million mobile phones worldwide in the first half of 2020, and the revenue from its consumer business will reach 255.8 billion yuan. In the latest quarter, Huaweis mobile phones ranked first in both the global and domestic markets, with a domestic market share of more than 51%, but it has been out of stock.

The good news is that after the United States announced sanctions last year, the device localization rate of Huaweis first flagship mobile phone was less than 30%, and that of P40 flagship phone released this year exceeded 86%. Wang Chenglu said.

In order to develop chips in hardware, the ecology in software is also important, which will become the highlight of Huaweis developer conference in 2020.

Wang Chenglu said that Huaweis mobile phones, wearable devices and tablets will soon be applied with Hongmeng system, and will also be open to third-party devices. By October 2021, Hongmeng will open source to all devices above 4GB.

For the question of when will Hongmeng be used in mobile phones that consumers are most concerned about, Huawei also gives a timetable: next year, we will fully support the implementation of Hongmeng system in mobile phones.

Before Hongmeng was fully implemented, Huawei HMS had been in rapid development, benchmarking with Androids GMS and Apples IOS basic applications.

In 2016, Huawei mobile core service hmscore 2.0 was released and has been updated to hmscore 5.0.

According to the latest data, there are 1.8 million HMS developers in the world. There are more than 96000 applications integrated with HMS. More than 60000 overseas applications have been put on the appgallery. More than 80% of the first 3000 applications are available in Huaweis application market.

Once Hongmeng is launched overseas, can the app using HMS service run Hongmeng system without any modification? For the first time, Wang Chenglu gave an accurate answer, yes..

Huawei has contributed a lot of ideas to Android, but Android itself has very strict thinking. In the past, Huawei and its cooperation were very painful. A small innovation communicated for a year, which tied up the innovation hands and feet. Wang Chenglu said that cutting off Android cooperation has more advantages than disadvantages.

US Treasury Secretary: tiktok solution does not involve the sale. As of September 20, it is reported that Foxconn and other iPhone manufacturers are expected to participate in the largest chip acquisition in the history of Indias $6.6 billion manufacturing plan! NVIDIA acquired arm from Softbank for nearly $40 billion_ NT2541