Interview with Xu Jie: proud to be selected into the national team and want to learn how to play kampazo

 Interview with Xu Jie: proud to be selected into the national team and want to learn how to play kampazo

Learning the advantages and making up for the shortcomings is his attitude as a new person.

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Interview with Xu Jie (source: Netease sports)

Netease Sports: whats your feeling about being called up by the national training team this time? What is your goal?

Xu Jie: in fact, my goal is to go to a higher level. For example, as soon as the national team saw the list coming out that day, I must be very excited and happy, very happy, and celebrate with my parents at home. I am also very grateful to Du, the Chinese Basketball Association and the coaching team for giving me such a chance to learn and improve with so many talented teammates here.

Netease Sports: compared with the national youth period, what is the difference between this kind of national training team? Will you feel more pressure or more pride?

Xu Jie: I think the national youth team and the national training team have the same level. They represent the country, so they demand themselves with high standards. I feel proud to be selected as the national training team, but I also have a lot of pressure. But this kind of pressure, I think, will gradually become the driving force, and better have the direction to work hard.

Netease Sports: who is the idol of your national team? Or who are the players you want to learn the most?

Xu Jie: the players I want to learn most are Yi Jianlian and Liange, and he and I are from the same team. I can learn a lot from him. During this period of time with him, I can feel that he is very self-discipline. He is low-key and has deep feelings. Most of the time, he has been training himself before we train. He has been training his own physical and physical aspects. After the training, we can find that he is in the shooting training before the end. He is very focused on every shot, that is, he is very serious. This is where I want to learn.

Netease Sports: looking at international basketball, who is your favorite player?

Xu Jie: I think a lot of players are very good. Im also looking at the playing methods of defenders in every country. For example, Rubio, like the Argentinian defender (campazo) in the world cup, are all my learning directions. I dont say which player I like very much. I think they all have their own advantages, so I have to learn some good playing methods and good advantages from them, and then I can slowly make up for my shortcomings.

Netease Sports: what kind of opportunity do you decide to take basketball as your career?

Netease Sports: this year, your growth and progress in all aspects are great. After constant tempering, what expectations do you have for your performance and positioning in the team next season?

Xu Jie: first of all, I think in the second season, my performance fluctuated greatly. From the beginning, if you want to perform well, you may not be so good at the back, so the effect is not so good. When it comes to the second round, I think that I may have more psychological adjustment, so that I can go all out to participate in the game, focus on every ball, and try to spell out some things. To the next season, my own requirements, in fact, are more to carry out some of the requirements of Dus guidance, go all out to strive for more responsibility and make greater contributions to the team.

Netease Sports: you are very familiar with Du Feng, the current head coach of the national team. How do you feel about his strict teaching by example?

Xu Jie: first of all, director Du has been with me for two years, and I am very familiar with it. Du is a coach who works very hard and I admire him very much. He has a zero tolerance attitude towards our mistakes on the field. When he sees some mistakes on the court, he will immediately take this problem seriously and strictly. He also hopes that you can improve. In fact, he has expectations for you, so he will teach you so severely. In private, he often jokes with us, chats with us and cares about our life Live, a very warm coach.

Netease Sports: what are the plans for the off-season? What improvement will be focused on?

Xu Jie: in the first few days of the off-season period, I felt that I should improve myself by summarizing some shortcomings in my second season when I started preparing for the new season. First of all, from the spiritual and ideological aspects, it is a concentration that can be summed up in the second season, that is, before and after the game, which will bring different results to the game. Then the body is to reserve more strength to meet the new season!

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