Break the world record! In the post Sun Yang era, they carried the flag of Chinese swimming

 Break the world record! In the post Sun Yang era, they carried the flag of Chinese swimming

Photo caption: Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei and Yang Junjun (from left to right) take a group photo to celebrate the Xinhua news agency after the competition

China Power

The relay events of this competition have broken the limitation of team membership. The so-called Jiangsu Hubei Zhejiang Shandong united team refers to the sports teams of Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Zhang Yufei and Yang Junjun. In fact, they are also the strongest swimmers in each stroke of the national team.

Medley relay will be a new event in the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is highly competitive in the last three World Swimming Championships and is loved by the audience because of its high viewing level.

The results of the four were: Xu Jiayu 52.45 seconds, Yan Zibei 57.96 seconds, Zhang Yufei 55.32 seconds, Yang junjuan 52.68 seconds. Everyone played the best level, which also proved the rationality of the combination of male and female athletes gender and swimming style.

Photo caption: the fourth player Yang junxuan celebrates the Xinhua news agency after the competition

The purpose of the Chinese swimming team is to test their skills in the competition and see if they are competitive in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Unexpectedly, a new world record was born, which brought a great surprise to the people. The Chinese swimming team has another powerful gold medal in Dongjing.

The power of the team is infinite. I didnt have such a big mood when I broke the record. This is the result of our joint efforts. This event is the highlight of next years Tokyo Olympic Games. Although the individual competition is also very important, the team can better reflect the strength of China. Happy birthday to our motherland The first time after the game, Xu Jiayu said excitedly with red eyes.

Strong combination

In the post Sun Yang era, Xu Jiayu, also from Zhejiang Province, is expected to carry the flag of Chinese swimming. As a backstroke world champion, he is only one Olympic gold medal short of his record book. The Tokyo Olympic Games will be his stage.

Photo caption: Xu Jiayu celebrates Xinhua news agency after the competition

He won the 200m gold medallion in the 200m gold medallion, and he won the 200m gold medallion in the 200m gold medallion. However, after breaking the world record last night, he put forward higher requirements for himself. He said that the result in the relay was not ideal. Breaking the world record belongs to holding thighs, and he can swim faster.

Yan Zibei is known as the new breaststroke king of the Chinese swimming team. He is fast growing and is trying to catch up with the worlds highest breaststroke level. Yan Zibei won the second place in the mens 100m breaststroke at the Guangzhou swimming world championships in 2019, which is the first time that Chinese athletes have won the medal in the world competition in 21 years. In this competition, he swam 58.73 seconds in the mens 100m breaststroke preliminaries, only 0.1 second behind his Asian record.

Photo caption: Xu Jiayu, the first player, and Yan Zibei, the second player, hand over the pictures of Xinhua news agency in the competition

Yang junxuan, 18, is the youngest of the four, who has won two gold medals. In the womens 200m freestyle final, with a huge advantage of nearly 2 seconds ahead of the second place. In the 100m freestyle final, Zhang Yufei, her teammate in the reverse medley relay, won the championship.

Zhang Yufei, 22, broke records frequently in the championship and was the most dazzling player in the womens team. The 100 meter freestyle was only her minor event. Even so, she broke Pang Jiayings national record set in 2009. In the preliminaries of the 100 meter butterfly, she broke the Asian record held by Liu Zige for 11 years, and the result of 55.62 seconds was only 0.14 seconds less than the world record set by Swedens famous athlete sherstrom. On the world stage, this Asian record is highly competitive and the third best achievement in the history of the project. It is worth mentioning that in order to prepare for the 4x100m medley relay, Zhang Yufei even gave up the main event 200m butterfly.

Picture: Zhang Yufei, the third player in the match

The Olympic Games are the fruits of summer in four years. What we can do is to sow the seeds of hope in every spring and every training class. There is only one gold medal, and the body and soul must be on the road. The words of Xu Jiayu, the leading big brother, inspired his teammates to move forward towards the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Source: Xinmin Evening News Editor in charge: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651