Man jailed for posting photos on Twitter to insult a female classmate

 Man jailed for posting photos on Twitter to insult a female classmate

@Muhelos previously told the surging news that she and some female students saw their faces stitched together by Gao, which was posted on the Internet, and suspected spitting in their water cups or even putting semen. We were badly hurt by his obscenity and the amount of information he exposed.

Gao Xiaoxin, a 24-year-old male suspect suspected of publishing obscene information on social networks, has been detained for criminal purposes, Guangzhou Baiyun police reported on April 8.

According to the criminal judgment of Baiyun District Peoples Court of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as the judgment) provided by @ muhelos to surging news, the peoples Procuratorate of Baiyun District in Guangzhou City, Guangzhou, accused the defendant Gao Xiaoxin of the crime of provocation, and filed a public prosecution in the Court on July 16, 2020.

Criminal judgment of Baiyun District Peoples court. Source: Interviewees

The public prosecution organ alleges that from March to April 2020, the defendant Gao Xiaoxin used his illegally registered network communication software Twitter account in his residence to secretly photograph or photograph the life photos and indecent photos of more than ten victims, such as Deng, he, Zhou, Guo, Feng, CAI and Xiao, without the consent of the above-mentioned victims Humiliating and obscene words have been published on social networks for more than 20 times, causing more than 1000 peoples attention, hundreds of peoples praise and forwarding, resulting in bad social impact. On April 7 of the same year, public security personnel arrested Gao and seized a mobile phone, a computer host, a U disk and a mobile hard disk.

According to the judgment, the defendant Gao had no objection to the facts and charges charged. The defender of the defendant Gao Xiaoxin put forward his defense opinions and earnestly asked for comprehensive consideration of the sentence of one year to one year and six months imprisonment for the defendant Gao.

According to the judgment, the court held that the defendant Gao Xiaoxin ignored the national law and abused others by using information network. The circumstances were abominable and the social order was destroyed. His behavior has constituted the crime of provocation. The facts of the accusation by the public prosecution organ that the defendant was guilty of the crime of provocation and affray are clear and the evidence is sufficient. The defendant Gao Xiaoxin can be given a lighter punishment if he truthfully confesses his crime. The above defense opinions put forward by the defenders shall be taken into consideration in sentencing. Based on the nature, circumstances, harmful consequences of the whole case and the defendant Gaos attitude of pleading guilty, according to the provisions of article 293, paragraph 1 (2), Article 67, paragraph 3 and Article 64 of the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China, the defendant Gao was sentenced to one year and eight months imprisonment for the crime of creating disturbances. The date of judgment is August 14, 2020.

The girl in question sent a micro blog to thank her. Source: Interviewees

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