Angry LANGPING! Zhu Ting angry tie iron hammer: no volleyball, I want to work in Guangdong!

 Angry LANGPING! Zhu Ting angry tie iron hammer: no volleyball, I want to work in Guangdong!

Have you seen the film winning the championship with Chinese womens volleyball team as the main creative body?

In the film, Gong Li plays Lang Ping, the coach of Chinese womens volleyball team, while Zhu ting and Hui Ruoqi are the original members of the Chinese womens volleyball team who won the Rio Olympics.

The film focuses on the quarter final against Brazil. In order to arouse the enthusiasm of the team members, Lang Ping has repeatedly encouraged and communicated with each other. In order to be more artistic, Lang Ping designed a conversation scene. In order to break the knot of Zhu Ting, the core figure of womens volleyball team, Lang Ping copied Yuan Weimins unique skills and stimulated Zhu Ting, who was not confident enough at that time, with very fierce words, so Gong Li played Lang Pinghe Zhu Ting has such a dialogue:

Why do you play?

For my parents!

Then you will never be able to type it! Think again

For myself!

For what?

Be you! Satisfied with it

I dont want you to be me, and you wont be me. You will only be you

The countryside is where you come from. Dont take it as a story. If you go back to work, people will think you are tall.

Zhu ting in the play didnt cry at this time. After shooting, she cried bitterly, because in reality, she and Lang Daoqing had never had such a dialogue with their mother and daughter. She had a spiritual collision with Lang Dao in another time and space.

In the film, Zhu Ting also offers a smile. When she recalled that she went to the kayak team for trial training as a child, she imitated the coachs words in Henan Dialect: girl, where do you put your legs? Henan dialect accent, everyones own brain!

This is the same as Zhu Ting, who is frank and humorous in reality.

Therefore, while everyone praised Zhu Tings acting skills, many people pointed out that Zhu Ting cant be regarded as acting skills, she is the natural character to act herself, and the words and deeds in the film are her true feelings.

Is that really the case? For Zhu ting to play volleyball, her parents borrowed money from the whole village? Even going to work in Guangdong? There was an interview with Zhu Tingli.

In the interview, Deng Yaping and Zhu Ting talked about her hard childhood. Deng Yaping said: I heard that your parents were very supportive of you playing volleyball at that time. Zhu Ting replied: Yes, very supportive. Then Deng Yaping asked, it seems that at that time, your parents borrowed money from the whole village to let you go to the sports school. Faced with this question, Zhu Ting showed a smile, very cheerful answer: it is not so miserable. From this smile, we can see Zhu Tings optimism.

Although she didnt borrow money from the whole village, it was not easy. Zhu Ting said that her elder sister and second sister had to go to school at that time, which was not an easy thing for a rural family. Fortunately, the tuition fee of sports school is not much, mainly because the board fee is too expensive. When she was in primary school, Zhu Ting only ate ten cents a meal, but when she came to the sports school, you had to exercise, and the consumption was very large, so eating was the most important thing.

Zhu Ting said that at that time, it was usually two or three yuan for a days meal, but if you want to eat meat, it would cost 20 yuan. For a rural family, 20 yuan is definitely more. But compared with other people, they are still less. Then Deng Yaping concluded: sports itself is hard, that is, first of all, you have to bear hardships, coupled with your physical conditions and talents. Family conditions are too good to bear the hardships and do this job. It is very cruel.

Such a difficult environment, did not stop Zhu Tings footsteps, she still became the backbone of the Chinese womens volleyball team, became the worlds most shining star. Todays Zhu Ting, with her own efforts, has changed the situation of her family. The kind-hearted Zhu Ting bought her parents a house and a car, so that her parents, who have worked hard for a lifetime, have a happy old age.

From the above details, we can see Zhu Tings real childhood living environment. Zhu Ting was born in 1994 in an ordinary peasant family in zhudadou village, qiuqu Township, Dancheng County, Zhoukou County, Henan Province. Her parents with rural background did not have any sports experience. It can be said that Zhu Ting entered the volleyball field because of her outstanding height. She is the third of five children in the family. Because of her poor family, her father wanted her to go out to work after primary school.

I dont want to play any more. I want to work in Guangdong.

At that time, Zhu Ting was only 12 years old, so it was really unacceptable to go out to work. Later, if it wasnt for a phone call, maybe now Zhu Ting really became a working girl. It is reported that Zhu Ting, who was 12 years old at that time, was already 1.7 meters tall! The school sports teacher found this special child, feel so good advantage, not practice sports is a pity.

After that, Zhu Tings father received a phone call from the school teacher. The teacher said that Zhu Ting had sports talent and recommended Zhu ting to sports school. At first, my father felt that even sports were useless. Finally, under the guidance of the teacher, Zhu Tings father agreed. At the beginning, Zhu Ting also called her parents to complain. Her father said that she would persist for three months and would come back to work if she could not. After getting used to high-intensity training, Zhu Ting also stayed, and eventually became what she wanted.

After watching the film winning the championship, some fans said that Zhu Ting was really a playwright, especially the sentence free when Lang Ping sent her protein powder, which was both funny and heartbreaking.

In the real world, this detail does exist.

As the saying goes, a thousand miles horse is easy to find, but Bole is hard to find. For the womens volleyball team, there may be a lot of talent, but to let the talent get the biggest expression, it really needs bole. Fortunately, the Chinese womens volleyball team has Lang Ping directing this bole.

When the national team failed to meet, it was Lang Ping who guided him to make Zhu ting and other florets grow into world-class players with his careful care and strict training.

In 2013, 18-year-old Zhu Ting became famous in the Swiss elite, becoming the number one scorer of Chinese womens volleyball team. In April 2013, Lang Ping became the head coach of womens volleyball team. In the face of these talented flowers, Lang Pings guidance of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude makes people applaud.

For Zhu Ting, who is 197 cm tall and weighs only 70 kg, her problem is that she is too thin, which is a potential hidden danger for her development. But Zhu Ting is not fat constitution, even let her eat meat are not fat up. This made Lang Ping very anxious.

Fortunately, guidance Lang Ping found a plan. She bought protein powder from the United States to feed Zhu Ting at her own expense. She passed the training program directed by Lang Ping. Zhu Tings muscle building program was finally successful, and her weight gained 78 kg.

In an interview, Lang Ping recalled: at first, when Zhu Ting came to the national team, she really didnt dare to measure her. She was too soft and had no strength. She was afraid that she would be damaged. Later, I ate the special protein powder for athletes, and I dare to train for him when I grow muscles

Of course, Lang Pings guidance is more than that. For womens volleyball girls, Lang Pings guidance is the same as her mother. Last December 10 was Lang Pings 59th birthday. As Lang Pings number one disciple, Zhu Ting wrote on her microblog: seven years, Ive grown up, youre not old, the best time! Happy birthday to you! We continue to march forward hand in hand!

In addition to sending an article to celebrate Lang Pings birthday, Zhu Ting also showed a picture of her teacher. This photo is a classic moment when Chinese womens volleyball team has won four championships. Zhu ting and her teacher are taking a close group photo. The backgrounds of these four championships are 2015 Japan World Cup, 2016 Rio Olympic Games, 2017 Grand Champions Cup and 2019 Japan World Cup. In the past seven years, Zhu Ting has not only become the most outstanding player in the world, but also created a new brilliant era for Chinese womens volleyball team.

Whether it is the Chinese womens volleyball team or the film winning the championship, in fact, our own story does not need to set any ready-made established template to summarize, it is tactful, tough, collective, condensing the characteristics of the times and our own struggle. Winning the championship is a group play. If you want to say who is the leading role, it can only be said that it is the Chinese womens volleyball team itself.

The film uses two periods to complete the echo of the old and the new, because the social environment, training conditions, competition requirements and the pressure faced by the womens volleyball team have changed greatly in these decades. However, the spirit of womens volleyball that we have been praising can be passed down from generation to generation through time and space.

Before winning the championship, we endured humiliation;

After winning the championship, we are confident and free;

Because the struggle, success or failure is the harvest;

Dont be afraid to waste, dark clouds will always be clear.

From a country to an individual, everyone should have such a strong heart, laugh at the ups and downs on the road in the future, and harvest the most brilliant fruits of life.

Source of this article: Li Siming, editor in charge of Netease sports manuscript_ BJS2696