Wechat online youth mode: shake and people nearby cannot be accessed

 Wechat online youth mode: shake and people nearby cannot be accessed

When IOS users update to the latest version of 7.0.17, go to I - settings to open youth mode.

After the youth mode is opened, the related functions such as shake, take a look, people nearby will not be accessible. WeChats games, small programs, video numbers, official account numbers and search functions will be protected. Parents can set the scope of access according to the situation.

The first mock exam is for parents to use their WeChat accounts to their children, and also for parents to manage WeChat accounts on behalf of their children, that is, only parents can control their passwords.

It should be noted that wechat password verification is required for opening and closing the youth mode. Users who forget their password can reset their password through I - Settings - account and security.

On September 18, Tencent QQ took the lead in releasing the youth mode. The main contents include: displaying Pinyin in chat, blocking invalid search information, only pushing learning content through QQ watch points, and focusing on dynamic page functions, parents can control them.

Compared with QQ youth mode, wechat youth mode lacks the function of chat display pinyin, and parents have less space to set up freely, which needs to be improved.

Wechat online youth mode source: fast technology editor: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541

Wechat online youth mode