Trumps new crown shakes the market, US stocks fall sharply, Tesla falls more than 7percent

 Trumps new crown shakes the market, US stocks fall sharply, Tesla falls more than 7percent

But before the closing, the main U.S. stock indexes recovered some of their lost ground. U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hinted that the U.S. aviation industry may soon be bailed out, or even included in the much anticipated new round of rescue bill.

The Dow Jones index closed at 27682.81, down 134.09 points, or 0.48%, once down 430 points; the standard & Poors 500 index closed at 3248.44, down 0.96%, once down 1.7%; the Nasdaq composite index closed at 11075.02, down 2.22%.

Specifically, in US stock trading on Friday, technology leading stocks generally fell, with Apple shares closing at $113.02, down 3.23%; Googles parent company alphabet, down 2.13%; Amazon, at $3125.00, down 2.99%; Microsoft, at $206.19, down 2.95%; Facebook, at $259.94, down 2.51%; Oracle, at $58.83, down 1.3 42%; IBM closed at $120.57, down 0.43%; Netflix closed at $503.06, up 4.63%; Tesla closed at $415.09, down 7.38%; twitter fell 1.24%, Uber rose 1.56%; LYFT fell 0.65%.

The leading chip companies in the U.S. stock market generally fell, with TSMC closing at $80.80, down 2.20%; NVIDIA closing at $522.49, down 4.06%; Intel closing at $51.01, down 2.35%; Broadcom closing at $356.83, down 3.19%; Qualcomm closing at $115.47, down 3.39%; Texas instruments closing at $141.09, down 2.64%; amd closing at $81.80, down 3.61%; application materials Materials companies fell 4.02%; Meguiar technology fell 2.86%.

Major Chinese stocks listed in the United States generally fell, with Alibaba closing at US $288.17, down 0.65%; Jingdong closing at US $76.10, down 3.14%; Baidu closing at US $124.62, down 1.45%; pinduoduo closing at US $71.40, down 4.07%; bilibilibili closing at US $41.80, down 1.67%; tal closing at US $75.67, down 1.39%; iqiyi closing at US $22.85, down 1.42% It closed at US $93.10, down 0.11%; Weibo closed at US $38.55, up 4.19%; Sina fell 0.26%; Sohu fell 1.73%; Sogou rose 0.11%; Ctrip fell 0.83%; 51job rose 0.48%; car home fell 0.90%; Weilai fell 2.67%; Jinshan cloud rose 0.67%, ideal car rose 0.71%.

Airline shares rose after Pelosi called on the airline industry to postpone leave and said relief for airline employees was imminent.. American Airlines and United Airlines recovered their previous losses, up 3.3% and 2.4% respectively.

Pelosi said earlier Friday that Trumps illness has changed the momentum of stimulus negotiations. She added that members would find the middle ground and finish the job.. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill unilaterally proposed by the Democratic Party on Thursday night, while the Treasury Secretary, Mr. simuchin, also proposed a $1.6 trillion stimulus package.

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Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541