Brand new golf / Elantra / B70 and other cars will be on sale within the year

 Brand new golf / Elantra / B70 and other cars will be on sale within the year

New modern Elantra

New car features: the latest family design style, sharp appearance

In terms of appearance, the brand-new Elantra adopts the familys latest sensual sportiness design style. The front grille adopts parameter gemstone front grille, with wedge-shaped LED daytime running lights and three-stage air inlet below, which makes it more sporty. At the same time, the heavy and pressed front of the new car and the three-dimensional line combination on the engine hood create an exaggerated dive effect. The combination of the long and sharp front lights and the daily light sets makes the new car look very energetic.

From the side view of the car body, the multi waistline design is adopted, and the design inspiration of gemstone is also drawn. The Z shape three-dimensional line is created, which makes the body level more abundant. With fastback slip back C-pillar design, it creates a strong sense of movement.

In terms of the tail, the new car also uses a lot of line delineation, with the through tail lamp group, so that the sense of hierarchy of the tail is well improved. It is worth mentioning that the interior of tail light groups on both sides of the new car adopts similar H-shaped design, which represents the modern H logo image and improves its own recognition. The new Elantras body size is 4680 / 1810 / 1415mm in length / width / height, and the wheelbase is still 2720 mm.

In terms of power, the new car will provide 1.5L naturally aspirated and 1.4T turbocharged power options, which can meet the national sixth emission standard. The maximum power of 1.4T engine is 103kW and the peak torque is 242n u00b7 m. The 7dct transmission is matched with it in transmission. The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.2L. For the 1.5L model, the maximum engine power is 84.5kw and the maximum torque is 143.9n u00b7 M. the transmission is matched with intelligent CVT transmission, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100km is 4.9l.

New generation Pentium B70

Features of new car: the first model under FMA framework adopts hatchback tail door design

In terms of appearance, the exquisite freehand brushwork front face of the brand-new third generation Pentium B70 adopts the new design language of sexy surface of light and shadow philosophy, sharp and restrained rhythm is natural, and conveys a kind of sex appeal of calmly moving forward and conquering the front road. With the separation of irregular curved surface, the air intake grille with different shape from the top and bottom, and the Ge type headlamp group consistent with the conceptual modeling of B? Concept, the new car has a highly recognizable family feature.

The upper grille of the new car is composed of 74 vertical raindrops with long top and short bottom, arranged according to natural rhythm; the grille is connected with sharp Ge headlight seamlessly, and when the headlight is on, it looks like a sea of stars; the texture logo of the window of the world stands in the center, which is the center of the whole vision, full of domineering and extremely restrained; the lower grille is designed with horizontal mesh, which is vertical to the upper grille Raindrops form a strong contrast, creating a unique aesthetic feeling of both opposition and harmony.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new generation Pentium B70 are 4810 / 1840 / 1455mm and 2800mm respectively. The side of the car adopts the same luxury car body design as the B? Concept car, and the sliding back duck tail design is adopted. The unique and powerful shoulder line, skirt line and curved surface are perfectly integrated. With 10 pairs of 19 inch Y-shaped sports wheels, the beauty of rigid and flexible integration is combined to create an elegant and dynamic body.

In terms of interior decoration, the new car is completely updated, which overturns the current design. It adopts a brand-new family style, and is equipped with central console screen design, that is, 12 inch full LCD instrument panel and central display screen, and the interface also adopts a new UI design. On the one hand, the turbocharged engine will be equipped with 169.1 horsepower turbocharged engine.

New mingjue 5

Listing time: in the fourth quarter

In terms of appearance, the brand-new MG5 is in the unique shape of European style sedan running. The narrow and simple headlamp group, together with the fast pressing hood, creates a strong forward posture. In addition, the posture of sitting back and the extremely tough leopard jumping shoulder line show the pure European sports style.

The new car adopts a new layout of sports car sense front face. The grille is firmly embedded in the front face with huge openings. The black grid area is far larger than the body color surface, implying the huge tension of swallowing all energy. In the turn signal area, two tusk like surfaces support the grille, and there are no redundant and trivial decorative details. With low wind resistance duct and long and narrow LED headlights, the performance is pure and the recognition is extremely outstanding.

The new MG5 has a full rear profile. The triangular window of the C-pillar in the rear of the MG5 is tightened inward, which brings a wider visual experience. The slightly upturned duck tail flashes a vivid breath. The tail light of the track is simple and powerful, and the interior of the lamp chamber is like the streamer passing by at a high speed, which has a sense of modeling quality. The double tailrow is highlighted in the black fender under the bumper, and the combat sense is ready to come out.

The new MG5 local interior design is also exposed for the first time. The overall cabin design of the car inherits the fighting temperament of Mg brand, presenting a driving atmosphere full of dynamic sense of science and technology. For example, the digital instrument panel with the brim unfolded is facing the drivers center; the central control of the vaguely visible mechanical sense and suspension feeling reveals the intelligent man-machine interface.

Pre sale price: RMB 150000-165000

Features of new car: Based on mqbevo platform, two appearance versions are provided

In terms of appearance, FAW Volkswagens new generation Golf is similar to the overseas version in modeling. It provides two styles of ordinary version and R-line version, both of which are replaced with brand-new Volkswagen logo. The upper part of the front face is designed with narrow and long grille, and the practice of running through the light belt inside makes it have high recognition. It extends to the interior of LED headlamp group, and creates a good horizontal visual width.

The lower grille adopts a through design, and the larger opening size looks like a big mouth. The difference between the two versions is that the interior of R-line grille is black decorative strip, and C-shaped enclosure similar to tusks is used on both sides, while the interior of ordinary version grille is silver decorative strip, with reverse L shape surrounding on both sides.

In the side view, the position of the rear-view mirror moves from the bottom of a pillar to the door, and the waist line moves up through the middle of the front and rear door handles. The R-line version uses black exterior rear-view mirror and adds a special logo at the front fender. The ordinary version uses the exterior rear-view mirror in the same color as the body. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new golf are 4296 / 1788 / 1471 mm, 2631 mm and 2631 mm, respectively Interestingly, in terms of rim design, the ordinary version of the whirlwind is obviously better than the R-line version of the double five spokes. I dont know if it is installed in reverse.

A prismatic line at the rear of the car connects with the waistline and runs through the tail lamp and the rear compartment cover. The new style of taillight group is very interesting. The practice of placing the English letters of the model in the center of the rear has been widely used under the banner of Volkswagen models, so is golf. In addition, the lines of tail light contour, tail door opening and closing line, and lower surround trim panel are all stronger and stronger, with small-size bright black rear spoiler Add a sense of movement, but the two-sided imitation four-way exhaust is just decoration.

The overall design of as like as two peas in the domestic and overseas editions is almost the same, and it can be described in a stunning way. This is a style that has never been seen before in any popular vehicle. The center console is filled with multi lateral lines, the piano lacquer is mixed with black and silver ornaments, and the LCD panel is embedded in the central console. The frame package is equipped with a flat bottom multi-function steering wheel. The small and exquisite electronic gear handle is the same as that of the Porsche 911.

In terms of power, the domestic version will continue to use the current model assembly, equipped with 1.2t and 1.4T engines, with maximum power of 116 HP and 150 HP, and peak torque of 200N u00b7 m and 250N u00b7 m respectively, matching with 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

Lucky star

Listing time: in the fourth quarter

Features of the new car: CMA platform is born and adopts the new design concept of space time variation

The new car adopts Geely 4.0 time and space variation design concept. The front face is equipped with energy sound string front grille. The interior longitudinal vertical grille is decorated with chrome plated bright bars. The three segment pulse day light is connected with both ends of the front grille. The waist line runs through the side to form a slingshot rotary design. The tail wingspan is at sea level, and the tail extends to both sides through a long and thin high gloss chrome plated decorative strip Transverse through the tail, the LED tail light is gradual and gradual outward, making the vehicle fully show the level and flexibility.

In terms of size, starray is located between Bingrui and Borui. The length, width and height of Xingrui are 4785 / 1869 / 1469 mm respectively, the front and rear weight ratio is close to 50:50, and it has an extra long wheelbase of 2800 mm span and an ultra wide wheel base of 1618 mm. The size of the whole vehicle meets the specifications of class B vehicles.

In the car, the lines across the instrument panel add a sense of surprise and unique personality to the simple and atmospheric interior modeling. The fresh yacht blue and advanced gray color match in the car make people see the bright. The center console, seats, door trim panel, central armrest box are all covered with large area of leather, equipped with comfortable and wrapping leather seats, Bose sound and car fragrance.

After finishing the interior layout and impression, lets talk about the multimedia intelligent configuration. The new car is equipped with gkui new geek intelligent ecosystem, which integrates online navigation, multimedia entertainment system, voice recognition control system, smart home ecology and other rich functions, and supports the system OTA upgrade. Between the suspended 12.3 inch Central control screen and the 12.3 inch full LCD Meter, the unique LVDS high is adopted between the suspended 12.3 inch central control panel and the 12.3 inch full LCD Meter High speed transmission technology, navigation route can be displayed through double screen interactive three finger flying screen and double screen split screen.

Sit in the car and experience the blue and gray two-color seat assembled by starray. The seat feels comfortable and fit, the material is superior, and the touch is delicate. The English name of advance is embroidered on the upper part of the seat back. The boss key on the left side of the co drivers seat can greatly improve the riding experience of the rear row.

As consumers pay more and more attention to safety, Sunray has achieved L2 automatic driving assistance level in safety driving and riding technology. It is equipped with ICC intelligent navigation system, FCW front collision warning system, aeb-pe pedestrian identification system, BSD blind area monitoring system, SLIF speed limit information reminder function, LKA lane keeping assistant system, ACCs & G start stop adaptive cruise system, etc., as well as aircraft type HUD head up display Display system, APA automatic parking system with automatic brake, RPA remote automatic parking system, panoramic image and IHBC intelligent high beam control, etc.

In addition, the 1.5T three cylinder + 7dct wet dual clutch combination will become the entry power of the new car, which is likely to be strengthened by the 48V light mixing system. In terms of chassis, the vehicle is equipped with McPherson independent front suspension and E-type multi link independent rear suspension.

New Volkswagen huiang

Listing time: in the fourth quarter

Features of new car: fine adjustment of appearance, interior decoration and power are consistent with cash

In terms of appearance, the new Volkswagen huiang uses the latest design language of Volkswagen brand. The transverse luminous front grille adopts the R-line style. The full led glow adaptive headlamp is equipped with the new flat luminous logo. The shape of the lower grille is more sharp. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are still 5074 / 1893 / 1489mm, and the wheelbase is 3009mm. A broken line LED light strip is added inside the tail lamp chamber.

u00b7The interior decoration is still familiar with the popular style. The materials used are suitable for the flagship status. A large number of peach wood materials are used to highlight the grade. Soft materials are used in the center console and door panel, and the details are decorated with piano baking varnish and bright silver metal strips;

u00b7In terms of power, it will continue to be equipped with 2.0T and 3.0T engines. The corresponding rear markers are 380tsi and 480v6 respectively. The maximum power is 224 horsepower and 299 horsepower respectively. The peak torque is 350n u00b7 m and 440n u00b7 m respectively. It is matched with 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Some models also provide four-wheel drive system.

New BMW M3 / M4

Listing time: in the fourth quarter

New car features: larger front grille, stronger performance

1. Unique design

If the vertical grille of BMWs new 4-series Coupe is bold in design, the appearance of BMWs new m3 and new M4 is more radical. The front vertical grille of the two new cars is not only large in size, but also replaced with the frameless design which is different from the ordinary 4 Series Coupe, which further improves the visual effect and air intake area. At the same time, the air curtain design under the front bumper also optimizes the aerodynamic characteristics.

Laser headlamp

Every BMW car has a pair of eye-catching angel eyes. And BMWs new m3 and new M4 are equipped with BMWs latest laser headlights. The blue elements inside the lamp chamber are indistinct and profound.

Different rear styling

The front face design of BMWs new m3 and new M4 is almost the same, which can only be distinguished from the m3 or M4 logo on the front grille. However, the rear styling of the two new cars is quite different, which is the same as the ordinary version of the 3-Series and 4-series coupe. In addition, the new M4 is also equipped with frameless doors, and a new M4 convertible will be added in the future.

A series of sports kits

2. Powerful and intelligent power system

The fastest breaking time is 3.9 seconds

Overall optimization of power system

The new S58 engine adopts the overhead water-cooled intercooler, and the intake pipe has been greatly optimized; at the same time, the engine is equipped with a double turbocharger with an electronic relief valve, and the fuel direct injection system is optimized to reach the maximum injection pressure of 350bar, and the cooling system is also designed according to the requirements of race track driving.

* four wheel drive is adopted for the first time

BMWs new m3 and new M4 are equipped with mxdrive intelligent four-wheel drive system for the first time, and equipped with m active differential; the system can provide four-wheel drive (4WD), four-wheel drive (4WD sport) and pure rear drive (2WD). It is expected that from the summer of 2021, BMWs new m3 thunderbolt and new M4 thunderbolt will be equipped with mxdrive four-wheel drive system as standard. At the same time, the new car will also provide DSC dynamic stability control system with m dynamic mode (MDM), and for the first time, it will integrate m traction control system and wheel slip limit adjustment, providing 10 level adjustment range, bringing different degrees of dynamic driving experience.

The brake system can change the transmission logic

In addition, the new m3 and the new M4 are added with adjustable brake system for the first time (divided into two modes of comfort and Sport), which can bring two different brake foot feeling; combined with adjustable engine output, chassis and steering system, it provides rich personalized settings.

* standard m composite brake system

The two new cars will be equipped with m composite brake system as standard, with front six piston fixed caliper and rear single piston floating caliper, with large ventilation brake discs (380mm in front and 370mm in rear). In addition, the new m3 and the new M4 will also provide m carbon ceramic brake system options (front 400mm, rear 380mm brake disc, gold calipers).

M adaptive suspension with electronically controlled shock absorber as standard

The new m3 and M4 are equipped with m-adaptive suspension with electronically controlled shock absorber and mservotronic steering system with variable steering ratio adjustment as standard. As the new m3 and the new M4 adopt msteptronic 8-speed automatic manual transmission with Drivelogic adjustment for the first time, it can not only shift more smoothly, but also bear more torque, and also bring faster acceleration experience.

* m professional driving Kit

The new m3 / new M4 also provides the M professional driving kit named mdrive professional. It has a new m drift analysis mode, which can collect data for each drift track, angle and distance of the vehicle, and adjust it through the new m traction control system with 10 levels of adjustment.

3. Luxurious and fighting interior experience

The latest idrive7 system

The two new models have been upgraded to the latest version of idrive7. It not only has a new digital instrument panel and central control panel of larger size (with more abundant display information), but also can provide remote software upgrade of RSU and automatic driving assistance system of L2 +.

The sitting feeling is very tight

Both new cars offer integrated sports seats and use two kinds of materials. Among them, the seat filling of the new m3 is softer, and the seat surface is covered with leather; while the new M4 is more radical, using M exclusive carbon fiber racing bucket chair.

* personalized package

In addition, carbon fiber interior trim strip, leather covered instrument panel, extended Merino leather bag door panel, steering wheel carbon fiber shift paddle, etc. can be further strengthened through the optional package.

Pre sale price: RMB 840000

Features of the new car: equipped with 2.9tv6 dual turbocharged engine, it breaks 100% in 3.9 seconds

Compared with the ordinary Audi A5, the newly designed integrated single grille of RS5 series is flat and wide, and the stereo honeycomb radiator grille of RS family adopts bright black design, and the ventilation holes above the grille are indistinct, which echoes with the 1984 classic Audi sportquattro. At the same time, RS5 is equipped with matrix LED headlamp as standard, and RS exclusive headlamp - dark matrix LED headlamp equipped with Audi laser can also be selected.

The two sides of the wheel arch were expanded outward by 15mm respectively, showing the Quattro gene incisively and vividly. The rear spoiler is the symbol of the RS exhaust system, and is also the iconic design of the RS model. The two ends of the spoiler adopt oval chrome exhaust pipe. In addition to the black spoiler lip, the owner can also choose carbon gray.

The two models of Audi RS5 are equipped with 19 inch wheels as standard. According to different requirements of customers, three new 20 inch wheels with different design styles can be provided, one of which is milled and sprayed with matte bronze paint.

The 10.1-inch MMI touch screen based on the new third-generation modular infotainment platform (mib3) is the highlight of the on-board operating system. The rsmonitor view can inform the driver of engine and transmission temperature, maximum longitudinal and lateral acceleration, tire pressure and temperature through MMI central display. In the 12.3 inch Audi virtual cockpit, the exclusive RS display can further display tire pressure, torque, output power, oil temperature, supercharging status and g value. In addition, through the buttons on the steering wheel, lap speed and 100km acceleration can be visualized with one button.

As the brother of the new Audi rs4avant, the two models of Audi RS5 series are also equipped with 2.9tv6 dual turbocharged engine, with the maximum power and peak torque of 450 HP and 600 n u00b7 m, and are matched with 8-speed tiptronic transmission. Both RS models can accelerate from standstill to 100km / h in 3.9 seconds. Audi sport can also increase its top speed from 250 km / h to 280 km / h according to customer demand.


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