Lam died of burning by his ex husband: there is no family violence, only attempted murder and attempted murder

 Lam died of burning by his ex husband: there is no family violence, only attempted murder and attempted murder

But I dont know who the anger is directed at. Rams tragedy is a mixture of many elements of this society, including killers, institutions, police, judges, onlookers, and a fixed consciousness.

I remember Chai Jing wrote a sentence in the book seeing. The family is the smallest social unit. After the door creaks and closes, how people treat each other here determines the basic face of a society.

The basic features are too blurred.

What we can do is too limited. However, if we write one more word and forward it once more, we will surely send some messages. One of them is, this kind of behavior cannot and should not be tolerated by society..

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Lam killed by her ex husband

The moment I saw the news, my tears came down in an instant.

This is a real tragedy!

Over the past 16 days, everyone has been waiting for a miracle to happen, hoping RAM will survive, but finally there is sad news.

It was after the ex husband arson that I noticed Lams Internet celebrity identity. She was a girl with thick eyebrows and big eyes, a high nose and a nice dimple when she laughed.

Lam lives in Aba Town, Sichuan Province. She likes to laugh, but her life is very hard.

She spends most of her time working in the mountains all the year round. She likes to broadcast the scenes of her work in the mountains, because her fingers are always black when digging herbs all the year round.

If you work like this, you can only earn 20000 yuan a year.

In the Sept. 12 video, Lam is eating noodles in front of the camera and telling fans that he is going down the mountain tomorrow (digging herbs on the mountain, going down the mountain is going home).

Everyone flocked into the message area and left her a message by swiping the screen:

Ram, dont go down the mountain! Dont go down the mountain!

We all wish we could go back to the day when she could see these words and stop going down the mountain to avoid the tragedy.

On the night of September 14, Lam was broadcasting to fans when her ex husband Tang Long broke into Lams house, spilled gasoline on her and ignited the fire.

The fire spread rapidly and then there was a huge explosion.

In September 14th, Rahm continued to raise his voice and update his little songs, but tiktok did not know that danger would come.

Tang long had a tendency of domestic violence, and ram experienced divorce, remarriage and divorce again. In order to force ram to remarry, Tang Long once threatened the lives of his two sons.

Such information looks like a domestic violence man, because he did not control himself, and eventually killed his wife.

But I want to say, dont talk about domestic violence. From the beginning to the end, its all intentional harm, until the final intentional killing!

And the word domestic violence can easily become a protective coat for the perpetrators, which makes the atrocities of the Tang dragons escalate step by step and eventually lead to great tragedy.

Honest and upright officials cant cut off housework

In the article the rain of Ramu Valley burned by his ex husband, more details about Tang Longs violence against RAM are recorded.

Tang Long and RAM are childhood sweethearts. They got married very early. Not long after marriage, Lam was raped by the family. She told her sister Zhuoma that she had been slapped in the face.

At that time, rams mother was still there. She would help her daughter find Tang Longs theory, and he would be restrained.

When his mother died in 2011, the most powerful external intervention was lost. After that, the injuries on ram began to become more and more obvious.

In May this year, Lam suffered the most serious domestic violence. Tang Long smashed rams right body with a bench, causing her right arm fracture.

It was this domestic violence that made Lam realize that he would be killed if he did not leave. Therefore, they agreed to divorce in May.

Lam was reluctant to give up the children. They remarried again. Lam was raped again. So he had to go back to his mothers house and began to report to the police many times. However, the polices attitude was this is a family dispute

He was warned not to go too far and not to do anything, but there was very little that could be done.

Its hard for honest and upright officials to stop housework, the police said.

Intentional injury and homicide in the guise of domestic violence

Its a good honest and upright official cant stop housework.

What if the police saw RAM as an independent person, not whose wife?

She has been brutalized by another person countless times, and her children have been threatened with life. In this case, is it not time for the police to sentence, or to detain them.

But when violence is classified as domestic chores, the most powerful judicial system feels it has too little to do.

Remember Li Yang, the founder of Crazy English?

He committed violence against his wife Kim, who went to the police after being beaten. A man said in a soothing tone, you know, this is not America.

Of course I know, but there is a law in China that men cant beat women, she said.

He said, yes, youre right. Men cant beat women, but husbands can beat their wives.

Chen Sheng, an accomplished criminologist of nutshell, gives a tedtalk on domestic violence? u300bA case has also been shared in China.

A woman named Li Yan, who was married for a year, was raped several times. She called the police seven times, but the police didnt solve the problem.

Such an attitude makes the husband feel that violence in the family has nothing to do with it and is even more unscrupulous.

In the process of a quarrel, Li Yans mood broke out completely. She killed her husband, separated her body and cooked her husbands head.

No matter how you look at it, its a huge tragedy.

If Li Yan had called the police seven times, even once, the police could treat Li Yan as an independent person. If one person was brutalized by another, wouldnt it be necessary to take some measures?

But in marriage, because of the status of partner, personal safety is not protected by the law. Even if the sentence is sentenced, the penalty is lower because it is domestic violence.

Also speaking at Ted, domestic violence: is it hard for honest and upright officials to stop housework?? u300bChen Sheng shared another case.

A woman named Dong Shanshan was raped by her husband. The plot was very bad. The husband confessed his crime in court. Every word was painful

He punched her with his fist, kicked her with his feet, from the bedroom to the door, from the underground to the bed, everywhere, until she couldnt move.

I dont know how many feet I kicked her. As a direct result, Dong Shanshan was hospitalized. Two months later, she died of infection and multiple organ death.

Domestic violence to death, such a serious crime, the court finally only sentenced seven years!

Why is it so low?

Chen Sheng explained that injury within the family and injury outside the family are treated differently in law, and the sentencing is very different.

Beating other peoples wives and children and beating their own wives and children will lead to different consequences.

If beating someone elses ground is more serious, seriously injured, or has relatively serious consequences, it is likely to be sentenced to about 10 years imprisonment. If it is to beat ones wife and children, the maximum sentence is still seven years.

If we are more ruthless, if we kill them and maim them, the most serious consequence will still be seven years.

In other words, whatever the degree of domestic violence, as long as it is not killed on the spot, the heaviest is seven years.

And if its someone elses, the consequences may be indefinite or death penalty.

Seeing here, its really suffocating. Just because of the violence in the family, there is such a big difference in sentencing?!

It is the judicial arrangement that makes the perpetrators so unscrupulous because they know that their partner belongs to them.

But, make sure! No one has ever belonged to anyone, the partner does not belong to each other, the children do not belong to their parents, we are just independent individuals.

The word domestic violence is increasingly becoming a protective cover for perpetrators. Violence in family relations is difficult to detect, defined and dealt with according to law.

If the process of violence voice is not treated severely, it will only be tolerated and connived, and escalated step by step until a greater tragedy occurs.

We sincerely appeal that there should be no domestic violence or it is difficult for honest and upright officials to judge domestic affairs. We should treat everyone as an independent person. When violence occurs, we should detain and sentence them, and we will not be palliated.

After rams death, there was a hot topic in microblogging: the lam bill.

Netizens said: we need the ram bill.

We may not know exactly what the ram bill is, but we hope that because of the existence of this bill, there will be no difference between violence from inside and outside the family. Its essence is an infringement on human dignity, life safety, sexual autonomy, freedom and self-esteem.

Violence against a person should be punished by law.

Dont be a silent bystander

When watching Chai Jings see, there is a story that I have always been impressed by.

Or the story of Li Yang, the founder of Crazy English.

He once talked about beating his wife Kim on a variety show and made a slap in the face.

Several guests laughed past, and a female student said to him, you can influence so many people and make a little mistake in your family. Kim will forgive you.

In the end, what made Li Yang the one who raped his wife? Besides himself, did he acquiesce in these voices?

Society as a whole is a system, not only abusers and victims, but also bystanders.

In a ted speech on gender violence, scholar jakson katzdroma once questioned male bystanders who were not violent themselves but did not point out the wrong behavior of the perpetrators

Does your silence mean consent?

It is a matter of both law and society that violence is not allowed. We call on the judicial system to be more perfect, but we also call on more people to face the words and deeds of insulting and violence against women and not to be silent bystanders.


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